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Eastern Oregon Hikes

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

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Columbia Plateau

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Deschutes River
Heritage Landing Hike Easy 3.8 55 Hike on fishermen's trails along the west bank of the Deschutes
Ferry Springs Hike Moderate 4.4 560 Shorter hike to higher views of the Columbia and Deschutes
Deschutes River Hike Moderate 22.6 400 Hike south from the mouth of the Deschutes River to an old ranch
Deschutes River from Macks Canyon Hike Difficult 23.6 350 Rough trail along Deschutes River
Criterion Tract Loop Hike Difficult 12.6 1570 Take old ranch roads and hike cross country to explore the heights above the Deschutes

White River
McCubbins Meadow Hike Moderate 5.2 780 Explore a beautiful open prairie and attempt a steep bushwhack to the White River
White River Falls Hike Easy 1.4 250 Visit a series of waterfalls in the basalt canyon of the White River

Cottonwood Canyon State Park
Starvation Bend Loop Hike Moderate 4.2 1325 Take an old road track to the site of a farmstead, and then climb to the ridge for views
Murtha Ranch Loop Hike Easy 1.9 100 Short loop to a viewpoint, river access, interpretive signs, and an old barn
Cottonwood Canyon Pinnacles Hike Moderate 8.6 65 Hike along the John Day River below basalt cliffs and through sagebrush flats
Gooseneck Loop Hike Difficult 10.6 1485 Off-trail loop with expansive views over the plateau and the John Day River
Hard Stone Trail Hike Easy 5.2 110 Easy walk upstream along the John Day River to a view of colorful cliffs
Lost Corral Hike Moderate 10.1 75 Take a ranch track along the John Day River to an old cattle corral
Hay Creek Canyon Loop Hike Moderate 8.1 930 Cross-country loop using creek valleys and open slopes; return via gated road

Mitchell Area
Leaf Hill Loop Hike Easy 0.3 20 Short hike around a fossil filled knoll
Painted Cove Loop Hike Easy 0.2 40 Get up close and personal with a hill of clay
Painted Hills Overlook Hike Easy 1.0 140 Ridgetop stroll with views of the Painted Hills
Sutton Mountain Hike Moderate 7.5 1600 Beautiful open hike on BLM land with expansive views

Umatilla River Area
Hat Rock Loop Hike Easy 2.8 235 Visit two Columbia River Basalt features near Wallula Lake
Echo Meadows Hike Easy 1.4 70 Interpretive trail to Oregon Trail wagon ruts

Crooked River Country

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Cove Palisades Area
Tam-a-láu Loop Hike Moderate 6.9 650 Hike up to and around the rim of a lava plateau with commanding views

Crooked River Ranch Area
Scout Camp Trail Loop Hike Moderate 2.3 700 Steep hike into the scenic Deschutes River Canyon
Otter Bench Loop Hike Moderate 9.2 1700 Long, mostly flat hike above the Crooked River Canyon; two short side trails descend steeply into the canyon
Alder Springs-Lower Whychus Creek Hike Moderate 7.2 910 Hike below weathered canyon walls to lush springs and the rushing Deschutes River

Willow Creek Area
Rimrock Springs Loop Hike Easy 1.4 130 Short loop to a desert marsh and then up to viewpoints of Cascade peaks

Smith Rock State Park
Misery Ridge Loop Hike Moderate 3.8 1000 Steep climb over the ridge with stunning views

Dry Canyon Loop Hike Easy 4.8 80 Hike the bottom of a lava canyon in the City of Redmond

Prineville Reservoir
Jasper Point Hike Easy 4.0 315 Hike connecting two parts of the Prineville Reservoir State Park

Bend Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
City of Bend
Tumalo State Park Hike Easy 2.6 50 Level walk up the Deschutes River to its confluence with Tumalo Creek
Pilot Butte Loop Hike Easy 2.1 470 Short, urban hike to the top of a cinder cone with expansive views
South Canyon Reach Loop Hike Easy 4.3 190 Walk both sides of the Deschutes south from the Old Mill District

Tumalo Creek
Shevlin Park Loop Hike Easy 4.9 370 Loop hike on both sides of Tumalo Creek in Shevlin Park
Tumalo Creek Canyon Loop Hike Moderate 9.1 940 Hike below rimrock above Tumalo Creek and then make an easy return
Tumalo Falls Loop Hike Moderate 7.0 1460 Hike up the waterfall-packed North and Middle Forks of Tumalo Creek and return a quieter route

Badlands Wilderness
Ancient Juniper Loop Hike Easy 3.1 120 Introductory loop to the Badlands Wilderness with old-growth juniper trees
Flatiron Rock Loop Hike Moderate 9.9 365 Loop to three lava formations in the southern part of the Badlands Wilderness

Newberry National Volcanic Monument
Lava Cast Forest Loop Hike Easy 1.0 60 Interpretive loop to view the casts of trees surrounded by a 7,000-year-old lava flow
Paulina Peak Hike Moderate 6.2 1610 Hike from Paulina Lake to the highest point on the rim of Oregon's biggest shield volcano
Newberry Caldera South Rim Loop Hike Difficult 13.9 2380 Big loop taking in a high peak with expansive views, a pumice flat, and an obsidian flow
Big Obsidian Flow Loop Hike Easy 0.8 200 Interpretive loop on Oregon's most recent lava flow, a thick dome of pumice and obsidian

LaPine State Park
Big Pine Loop Hike Easy 4.2 180 Two loops to visit one of the largest ponderosas and also walk along the meandering Deschutes River

Ochoco Mountains

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Mill Creek Wilderness Area
Twin Pillars Hike Moderate 6.0 1035 Hike above Desolation Canyon and then descend to the Twin Pillars
Mill Creek Wilderness Loop Hike Difficult 26.9 3500 Small, little used wilderness in central Oregon, usually drier than western Oregon
Steins Pillar Hike Moderate 4 680 Hike through open ponderosa and juniper forest to the base of a huge stone pillar

Bridge Creek Area
Bridge Creek Wilderness Hike Moderate 4.5 720 Two short excursions in the trailless Bridge Creek Wilderness

Lookout Mountain Area
Lookout Mountain Hike Moderate 3.4 1045 Shorter but steeper hike to Lookout Mtn summit
Lookout Mountain Short Loop Hike Moderate 7.1 1350 Hike through old fir forest to high desert plateau with sweeping views
Lookout Mountain Extended Loop Hike Moderate 8.9 1800 Somewhat steeper addition to the above hike; avoids driving the last mile on rocky access road

Black Canyon Area
Black Canyon from Boeing Field Hike Moderate 7.1 1365 Follow Owl Creek and then Black Canyon Creek into the heart of the Black Canyon Wilderness

Central Blue Mountains

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Aldrich Mountains
Cedar Grove Botanical Area Hike Easy 1.7 550 Visit a rare grove of Alaska yellow cedar

Strawberry Mountains
Little Strawberry Lake Hike Moderate 6.5 1395 Hike to two lakes and a waterfall in the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness
Strawberry Mountain Hike Difficult 12.6 3610 Hike through lush meadows and across rocky slopes to the highest summit in the area
Strawberry Mountain Loop Hike Difficult 17 4500 Subalpine loop hike around a rugged ridge visiting mountain lakes and meadows
Wildcat Basin Loop Hike Moderate 7.0 1400 Get views of major peaks in the Strawberry Range and visit ancient ash deposits

Monument Rock Area
Monument Rock Loop Hike Moderate 5.7 800 High open cross-country walk with expansive views

Prairie City Area
Sumpter Valley Interpretive Hike Easy 0.5 100 Short family-friendly hike exploring railroad history

Middle Fork John Day River
Bates State Park Loop Hike Easy 2.3 140 Loop in a new state park above the site of a former sawmill

North Fork John Day/Powder River Area
Sumpter Valley Dredge Loop Hike Easy 1.8 35 Explore the dredge tailings and the old dredge itself at Sumpter on the Powder River
North Fork John Day River Loop Hike Difficult 13.6 1720 Loop hike that explores mining activity along the North Fork John Day

Elkhorn Range
Hoffer Lakes Hike Easy 2.5 340 Hike to three alpine lakes with wildflowers galore and views of granite peaks
Van Patten Butte Hike Difficult 5.8 2320 Hike to a lake and then scramble up to the highest peak in the Elkhorns' Little Alps
Elkhorn Crest Hike Difficult 12.5 3600 Ascend high peaks in the stunning open country of the Elkhorn Range

Northern Blue Mountains

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Willow Creek Area
Bald Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 7.8 1595 Three trails make a loop past lush meadows, over a sagebrush bald, and up a shady creek

North Fork Umatilla Wilderness
Buck Creek Hike Moderate 6.2 835 Hike along the north bank of a wilderness creek with wildflowers in spring
Ninemile Ridge Hike Moderate 7.6 2225 Wildflower hike with views up a grassy ridge crest to a high point

Walla Walla River
South Fork Walla Walla River via Rough Fork Hike Moderate 10.6 2405 Descend open slopes into the roadless depths of the South Fork Walla Walla Canyon

Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness
Wenaha River Hike Moderate 5.4 600 Hike up a beautiful river canyon blooming with wildflowers in spring

Wallowa Mountains

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Eagle Cap Wilderness: Northern access
Maxwell Lake Hike Difficult 8 2500 Hike to a beautiful blue lake high above the Lostine River
East Lostine to Eagle Cap Hike Difficult 19 4000 This is the easiest way to a high Wallowa Peak, very popular
Thorp Creek Hike Moderate 9.9 2830 Hike to a remote valley tucked in between the Wallowas' highest ridges
Ice Lake Hike Difficult 15.4 3380 Head up the West Fork Wallowa and then spectacular Adam Creek to a high alpine lake below the Matterhorn
Matterhorn Add-on Hike Difficult 3.6 1980 Hike up from Ice Lake on alpine meadows and marble slopes to the highest ridge in the Wallowas
East Fork Wallowa River Hike Difficult 17.0 4620 Backpack to Tenderfoot Pass with multiple day hike and scramble options from the area
McCully Basin Hike Moderate 15.2 2360 Gentle backpack to a remote basin on the east side of the Wallowas

Eagle Cap Wilderness: Southern access
Crater Lake via Little Kettle Creek Hike Difficult 13.6 3490 Steep hike to a high lake at the head of the Cliff Creek valley
Pine Lakes Hike Difficult 15 2700 Hike to a pair of beautiful lakes

Hells Canyon

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Hells Canyon North
Nee-Me-Poo Trail Hike Moderate 10.2 2660 Hike grassy slopes over a pass and descend to the Snake River on a historic trail

Harney Basin

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Fort Rock Area
Fort Rock Loop Hike Easy 2.3 260 Hike around a Pleistocene volcano on the former bed of an inland sea

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge
Petroglyph Lake Loop Hike Moderate 4.9 285 Off trail loop along Poker Jim Ridge to a shallow lake with dozens of petroglyphs
Barnhardy Basin Loop Hike Moderate 5.3 695 Hike off trail up a creek valley and return via a jeep road that is closed most of the year
Warner Peak Hike Difficult 11 2300 Spring and fall off-trail hiking; summit climb to Warner Peak; wildlife; amazing views

Steens Mountain
Riddle Ranch Hike Easy 5.8 385 Tour a historic homestead, and walk to the confluence of two high desert rivers
Little Blitzen Gorge Hike Moderate 9.9 1290 Hike up the Little Blitzen River to a campsite and view to the headwall
Big Indian Gorge Hike Moderate 13.0 1485 Hike an easily graded trail into the heart of glacier-carved Big Indian Gorge
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