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Must See Hikes

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

This is a quick list of hikes recommended by Oregon Hikers for visiting hikers. Click the links for more detailed information.

This list is just a quick glance. There are many other worthwhile hikes in Oregon and southern Washington. (Drive times are from Portland.)

Hike Distance Elevation Change Season Drive Time
Claystone, tuff, basalt, Island in Time Trail, Blue Basin.jpg
Blue Basin Loop Hike 4.1 miles 860 feet year round 260 minute drive
A loop that takes you into a fossil-rich claystone basin and then up around its rim.
Cape Perpetua Hike 6.5 miles 1100 feet year round 160 minute drive
A variety of different trails lead to churning chasms, huge spruce trees, a quiet creek, headland wildflower meadows, and scenic views
Mt. Rainier from Coldwater Peak.jpg
Coldwater Peak Hike 13.8 miles 3360 feet Jul-Oct 120 minute drive
Travel through the heart of the 1980 blast zone, and marvel at the pace of recovery as nature slowly reclaims the scoured landscape. Reach the top of Coldwater Peak for a sweeping vista of the entire Mount Margaret Backcountry, high above picturesque Saint Helens Lake.
Cooper Spur Shelter.jpg
Cooper Spur Hike 6.4 miles 2800 feet Jul-Oct 120 minute drive
Mount Hood's highest trail hike. Hike to a 1930s era stone shelter and beautiful views of the Eliot Glacier.
Dalles Mountain Ranch Loop Hike 6.9 miles 1060 feet Year round 95 minute drive
Stunning spring wildflower loop in open country on the slopes of the Columbia Hills
Dog Mountain Hike 6.9 miles 2800 feet Mar-Oct 75 minute drive
Steep yet popular trail to a spectacular summit. Incredible wildflower displays make this the best hike in the area during late May and early June.
Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls Hike 12.0 miles 1640 feet Year round 45 minute drive
Classic and ancient trail up the Eagle Creek Gorge. Lots of waterfalls, including Punch Bowl Falls and incredible Tunnel Falls, where the trail actually tunnels behind the waterfall. Lots of cliffside hiking make this a poor choice for dogs or those scared of heights.
Lower Twin Lake, Elkhorn Ridge.jpg
Elkhorn Crest Hike 12.5 miles 3600 feet July-Oct 360 minute drive
Stunning hike along the highest ridge in the Elkhorn Range, with views, wildflowers, lakes, and mountain goats!
Garfield Peak Hike 3.5 miles 1115 feet Jul-Oct 250 minute drive
Steep hike to a spectacular summit on the rim of Crater Lake.
Elk Cove from Vista Ridge Hike 8.8 miles 1790 feet Jul-Oct 120 minute drive
Moderate hike to wildflower meadows on the north face of Mt Hood. This trail usually opens in late June, with the best flower displays in early August.
Ice Lake Hike 15.4 miles 3380 feet Jul-Sep 330 minute drive
Hike along a river and then up through wildflowers meadows past a series of waterfalls to a high alpine lake in the Wallowas
Jefferson Park via Park Ridge Hike 11.2 miles 2500 feet Jul-Sep 150 minute drive
Mount Jefferson Wilderness hike to the lake-studded parklands below Mt. Jefferson
View to the upper gorge, Little Blitzen River.jpg
Little Blitzen Gorge Hike 9.9 miles 1290 feet Apr-Oct 400 minute drive
Hike up one of the classic glaciated gorges on Steens Mountain.
Lookingglass Lake via Shorthorn Trail Hike 11.8 miles 2495 feet Jul-Sep 135 minute drive
Hike along the south side of Mt. Adams, beginning in a burn, to reach an isolated reflection lake
Mt. McLoughlin from the vernal pools, Lower Table Rock.jpg
Lower Table Rock Hike 4.9 miles 800 feet year round 240 minute drive
Ascend through various ecosystems to a scabland plateau near Medford
McNeil Point Hike 10.4 miles 2200 feet Jul-Oct 120 minute drive
Stunning views to the west highlight this hike. Another stone shelter and you can see the lights of Portland at night.
Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop Hike 4.9 miles 1600 feet year round 40 minute drive
Popular loop hike with 10 waterfalls. Starts at the famous Multnomah Falls Lodge. Where else you get a mocha at the trailhead?
Opal Pool-Cedar Flats Hike 10.5 miles 400 feet year round 120 minute drive
Water level hike on a closed road near Opal Creek. Highlights include an old mining town and an ancient grove of cedars. Overnight lodging is available in Jawbone Flats and you have to hike to get there.
Structures in the sagebrush, Painted Canyon.jpg
Painted Canyon Loop Hike 9.4 miles 1145 feet year round 500 minute drive
Off-trail adventure down one desert canyon and up another, viewing spectacular rhyolite formations. Be well-prepared!
Paradise Park from Timberline Lodge Hike 12.3 miles 2300 feet Jul-Oct 120 minute drive
Hike through massive Zigzag Canyon to summer flower meadows.
McKenzie River below Sahalie Falls, Waterfalls Loop Trail.jpg
Sahalie and Koosah Falls Loop Hike 2.6 miles 380 feet May-Nov. 135 minute drive
Lovely loop to several waterfalls, large and small, on the McKenzie River.
China Beach and Deer Point from Thomas Point, Samuel H. Boardman SSC.jpg
Samuel Boardman: North Island to Arch Rock Hike 8.4 miles 1080 feet year round 350 minute drive
A spectacular hike along the rugged coastline north of Brookings.
Sheep Canyon Loop Hike 12.1 miles 2975 feet Jun-Nov 90 minute drive
Varied loop on the south side of Mount Saint Helens.
180 TrailLookingNorth.jpg
Silver Star Mountain Hike 5.7 miles 1240 feet Mar-Nov 90 minute drive
Climb to a peak with an open 360 degree summit. Five volcanoes can be seen from here, if you can pry your eyes from the June-July wildflowers and October fall colors.
Vast meadows, Strawberry Mountain.jpg
Strawberry Mountain Hike 12.6 miles 3610 feet Jun-Oct 300 minute drive
Hike through a varied landscape with lakes, meadows, a waterfall, and wildflowers to the top of the highest peak for miles
Table Mountain from Bonneville Hike 15.5 miles 4320 feet Apr-Oct 60 minute drive
Very tough hike. Lot of elevation gain, including climbing a talus slope. The rewards are incredible clifftop views of the entire gorge.
Three Sisters from Tam McArthur Rim.jpg
Tam McArthur Rim Hike 5.0 miles 1200 feet Aug-Oct 180 minute drive
Short hike with a very big payoff: spectacular views of the central Cascades.
Trail of Ten Falls Loop Hike 7.8 miles 870 feet Year round 90 minute drive
Pleasant creekside hike featuring ten (count them ten) waterfalls. The waterfalls are more impressive in the spring, but this hike great all year.
Yocum Ridge Hike 18.4 miles 3880 feet Jul-Oct 120 minute drive
Challenging hike to amazing alpine viewpoints
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