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  Difficulty Distance Elevation gain
Above Paradise Park
Alki Point
Alpine-Campcreek Loop Trail Junction
Anthill-Rainy Wahtum Trail Junction
Badger Butte
Badger Creek Hike Moderate 23 miles 2,420 feet
Badger Creek Upper Trailhead
Badger Creek-Badger Creek Cutoff Trail Junction
Badger Creek-Divide Trail Junction
Badger Creek-Gumjuwac Trail Junction
Badger Creek-Post Camp Trail Junction
Badger Lake
Badger Lake Loop Hike Difficult 12.7 miles 2,490 feet
Bald Butte
Bald Butte Hike Moderate 8.2 miles 2,465 feet
Bald Mountain
Bald Mountain from Lolo Pass Hike Moderate 6.6 miles 1,400 feet
Bald Mountain from Top Spur Hike Easy 2 miles 550 feet
Bald butte Hike Moderate 8.2 miles 2,465 feet
Barlow Butte
Barlow Butte Hike Moderate 4 miles 1,585 feet
Barlow Butte-Barlow Ridge Cutoff Trail Junction
Barlow Butte-Devils Half Acre Trail Junction
Barlow Butte-Mineral Jane Ski Trail Junction
Barlow Creek Broken Bridge
Barlow Pass Trailhead
Barlow Pyramid
Barlow Ridge Loop Hike Difficult 9.5 miles 2,845 feet
Barlow Ridge Summit
Barlow Road Hike Moderate 8.8 miles 1,275 feet
Barlow Wayside Loop Hike Easy 2.7 miles 185 feet
Barlow Wayside Trailhead
Barlow butte hike Moderate 4 miles 1,100 feet
Barrett Spur Add-on Hike Difficult 3.6 miles 2,000 feet
Barrett Spur Viewpoint
Barrett Spur-Dollar Lake Trail Junction
Bear Lake (Near Mt Defiance)
Bear Lake Hike Easy 2.6 miles 480 feet
Bear Lake hike Easy 2.6 miles 480 feet
Bear lake hike Easy 2.6 miles 480 feet
Black Lake (Waucoma Ridge)
Black Lake from Rainy Lake Hike Moderate 2 miles 285 feet
Blue Box Summit
Bluegrass Ridge Viewpoint
Bluegrass Ridge-Bluegrass Tie Trail Junction
Bluegrass Ridge-Cold Spring Creek Loop Hike Difficult 15.5 miles 3,580 feet
Bluegrass Ridge-Elk Mountain Vista Trail Junction
Bluegrass ridge-Cold Spring Creek Loop Hike Difficult 15.5 miles 3,580 feet
Bonanza Mine
Bonanza Trailhead
Bonanza mine
Bonanza trailhead
Bonney Butte
Bonney Butte Hike Easy 1.2 miles 220 feet
Bonney Butte Trailhead
Bonney Butte via Bonney Meadows Trail Hike Moderate 7.1 miles 2,070 feet
Bonney Butte via Hidden Meadows Loop Hike Moderate 13 miles 1,855 feet
Bonney Meadows Trailhead
Bonney Meadows to Boulder Lakes Hike Moderate 6.1 miles 910 feet
Bonney Meadows-Hidden Meadows Trail Junction
Bottle Prairie Trailhead
Bottle Prairie-Eightmile Creek Loop Trail Junction
Bottle Prairie-Knebal Springs Trail North Junction
Bottle Prairie-Knebal Springs Trail South Junction
Boulder Creek-Boulder Lake Trail Junction
Boulder Creek-Swamp Creek Loop Hike Difficult 10.5 miles 1,370 feet
Boulder Lake
Boulder Lake Trailhead
Boulder Lake-Hidden Meadows Trail Junction
Boulder Lake-Little Boulder Lake Trail Junction
Boulder Lakes Hike Moderate 6.3 miles 1,070 feet
Boulder Ridge to Huckleberry Mountain Hike Difficult 10.6 miles 3,450 feet
Boulder Ridge-Wetlands Trail Junction
Boulder lake trailhead
Boy Scout Ridge Hike Moderate 10.2 miles 1,640 feet
Boy Scout Ridge Snowshoe Moderate 5 miles 1,800 feet
Buck Peak Hike Moderate 15.8 miles 2,500 feet
Burnt Lake
Burnt Lake Hike Moderate 6.6 miles 1,420 feet
Burnt lake hike Moderate 6.6 miles 1,420 feet
Cairn Basin
Cairn Basin from Top Spur Hike Difficult 8.7 miles 2,200 feet
Cairn Basin from Vista Ridge Hike Difficult 7.6 miles 1,560 feet
Cairn Basin via Mazama Trail Hike Moderate 8.8 miles 2,465 feet
Camas Prairie Trailhead
Cascade Streamwatch Loop Hike Easy 4.4 miles 40 feet
Cast Creek Hike Moderate 12.4 miles 2,970 feet
Cast Creek Trailhead
Cast Lake
Castle Canyon Hike Moderate 2.2 miles 840 feet
Castle Canyon Trailhead
Catalpa Lake
Catalpa Lake Hike Easy 1.4 miles 150 feet
Catalpa Lake Trailhead
Catalpa Lake via Bonney Meadows Trail Hike Moderate 9 miles 1,750 feet
Chinidere Mountain
Chinidere Mountain Hike Moderate 4.4 miles 1,140 feet
Clark Creek Bridge on Elk Meadows Trail
Clark Creek Crossing on Timberline Trail
Clear Branch Dam Trailhead
Clear Branch Rim
Clear Creek Crossing Trailhead
Clear Creek to Keeps Mill Hike Moderate 9.9 miles 1,650 feet
Clear Lake (Wasco County)
Clear Lake via Blue Box Trail Hike Moderate 8 miles 1,815 feet
Cloud Cap Trailhead
Coe Creek Crossing on Timberline Trail
Coe Overlook
Cold Spring Creek Crossing
Cool Creek Trailhead
Cooper Spur
Cooper Spur Hike
Cooper Spur Hike
Cooper Spur Shelter
Crane Creek Trailhead
Crane Prairie Trailhead
Crane Prairie-Boulder Creek Trail Junction
Crane Prairie-Boulder Lakes Loop Hike Moderate 8.7 miles 1,280 feet
Crosstown-Campcreek Loop Trail East Junction
Crosstown-Campcreek Loop Trail West Junction
Devil's Meadow
Devils Half Acre Meadow
Devils Half Acre-Palmateer Point Loop Hike Moderate 8.8 miles 1,330 feet
Devils Peak from Cool Creek Hike Difficult 7.6 miles 3,200 feet
Devils Peak from Hunchback Mountain Hike Difficult 15.4 miles 5,940 feet
Divide-High Prairie East Trail Junction
Divide-High Prairie West Trail Junction
Dog River Trail Hike Moderate 7.1 miles 1,600 feet
Dog River Trailhead
Dollar Lake
Dollar Lake Add-on Hike Moderate 0.6 miles 100 feet
Douglas Cabin Trailhead
Douglas Trail to Wildcat Mountain Hike Easy 5 miles 1,100 feet
Douglas Trailhead
Douglas trailhead
Dry Fir Trail to Veda Lake Hike Moderate 8.8 miles 1,660 feet
Dry Fir Trailhead
Dry Fir-Fir Tree Trail Junction
Eagle Creek-Chinidere Cutoff Trail Junction
Eagle Creek-Eagle Creek Cutoff Trail Junction
Eagle Creek-Indian Springs Trail Junction
East Fork-Tamanawas Falls Trail Junction
East Zigzag Mountain
East Zigzag from Devil Canyon Hike Difficult 8 miles 1,670 feet
East Zigzag from Lost Creek Hike Difficult 9.4 miles 2,300 feet
East of East Zigzag
Eastleg Road Trailhead
Echo Point
Eden Park
Eightmile Creek Loop Hike Moderate 6.8 miles 1,985 feet
Eightmile Creek Loop Junction
Eliot Creek Crossing (alternate)
Eliot Moraine Hike Moderate 2.1 miles 870 feet
Elk Cove
Elk Cove Hike Moderate 10.2 miles 2,200 feet
Elk Cove Trailhead
Elk Cove from Cloud Cap Hike Difficult 11.6 miles 2,200 feet
Elk Cove from Pinnacle Ridge Hike Moderate 8.4 miles 2,490 feet
Elk Cove from Vista Ridge Hike Moderate 8.8 miles 2,000 feet
Elk Meadows
Elk Meadows Hike Moderate 5.8 miles 1,200 feet
Elk Meadows Trailhead
Elk Meadows-Bluegrass Ridge Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Bluegrass Ridge-Gnarl Ridge Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Bluegrass Tie Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Clark Creek Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-East Fork Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Elk Meadows Perimeter North Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Elk Meadows Perimeter South Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Lamberson Spur Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Newton Creek Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Tamanawas Falls Tie Trail Junction
Elk Meadows-Umbrella Falls Trail Junction
Elk Mountain (near Mount Hood)
Elk Mountain-Elk Meadows Loop Hike Moderate 8.2 miles 1,445 feet
Enid Lake
Enid Lake Loop-Crosstown Trail Junction
Enid Lake via Pioneer Bridle Trail Hike Moderate 9.5 miles 1,570 feet
FR 4880-FR 4880-013 Junction
Fifteenmile Creek Eastern Trailhead
Fifteenmile Creek Loop Hike Moderate 10.2 miles 2,210 feet
Fifteenmile Creek Trailhead
Fifteenmile Creek-Cedar Creek Trail Junction
Fifteenmile Creek-Cedar Creek-Underhill Trail Junction
Fir Tree Trailhead
Fivemile Butte Lookout
Flag Mountain
Flag Mountain East Trailhead
Flag Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 6.8 miles 1,060 feet
Flag Mountain West Trailhead
Flag Point
Flag Point Add-on Hike Moderate 7.6 miles 1,700 feet
Flag Point via Lookout Mountain Hike Moderate 11.4 miles 2,340 feet
Flag point
Forest Creek Trail-FR 4881-121 Junction
Forest Creek Trail-FR 4881-123 Junction
Frazier Trailhead
Frazier trailhead
Fret Creek Trailhead
Fret Creek-Divide Trail Junction
Frog Lake
Frog Lake Buttes
Frog Lake Buttes Loop Hike Moderate 7.4 miles 1,745 feet
Frog Lake Buttes Trailhead
Frog Lake Buttes-Frog Lake Trail Junction
Frog Lake Buttes-Lower Twin Lake Trail Junction
Frog Lake Sno-Park
Frog Lake Trailhead
Gate Creek Crossing
Glacier View Sno-Park
Glade-Crosstown-Timberline to Town Trail Junction
Glade-Skiway Trail Junction
Glade-Timberline to Town Trail Junction
Gnarl Ridge
Gnarl Ridge Tie-Elk Meadows Perimeter Trail Junction
Gnarl Ridge from Cloud Cap Hike Difficult 8.4 miles 2,420 feet
Gnarl Ridge from Hood River Meadows Hike 9.5 miles 2,480 feet
Gnarl Ridge-Gnarl Ridge Tie Trail Junction
Gordon Butte Trailhead
Gordon Butte-Douglas Cabin Loop Hike Difficult 9.5 miles 2,925 feet
Gorton Creek-Green Point Ridge-North Lake Trail Junction
Gorton Creek-Herman Creek Cutoff-Rainy Wahtum Trail Junction
Grasshopper Point
Great Pyramid
Green Canyon Trailhead
Green Canyon-Salmon River Loop Hike Difficult 15.6 miles 4,355 feet
Green Point Mountain
Green Point Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 8 miles 1,275 feet
Grouse Point Trailhead
Gumjuwac Saddle Trailhead
Gumjuwac Trailhead
Gumjuwac-Badger Lake Loop Hike Moderate 11.8 miles 3,155 feet
Gunsight Butte
Gunsight Butte Trailhead
Gunsight Butte-Badger Lake Loop Hike Moderate 8.5 miles 2,025 feet
Gunsight Butte-Camp Windy Trail Junction
Heather Canyon
Herman Creek-Anthill-Tomlike Mountain Trail Junction
Herman Creek-Rainy Wahtum Trail Junction
Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake Trailhead
Hidden Meadows
Hidden Meadows Trail-FR 4881-121 Junction
Hidden Meadows Trailhead
Hidden Meadows-Forest Creek Trail Junction
High Prairie Trailhead
Hood River Meadows
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