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{{GuideLineD|Tombstone Lake via the PCT Hike|16.4|2280|Walk Indian Heaven's backbone to a secluded lake; optional return via the old CCT described}}
{{GuideLineD|Tombstone Lake via the PCT Hike|16.4|2280|Walk Indian Heaven's backbone to a secluded lake; optional return via the old CCT described}}
{{GuideLineE|Junction Lake Hike|5.0|725|Short hike to a popular lake in the center of Indian Heaven}}
{{GuideLineE|Junction Lake Hike|5.0|725|Short hike to a popular lake in the center of Indian Heaven}}
{{GuideLineM|Junction Lake-Bear Lake Loop Hike|8.7|1220|Lollipop loop to lakes and meadows in the heart of Indian Heaven}}
{{GuideLineM|Lake Wapiki Hike|7.0|1625|Gradually rising hike through huckleberries to a beautiful lake}}
{{GuideLineM|Lake Wapiki Hike|7.0|1625|Gradually rising hike through huckleberries to a beautiful lake}}
{{GuideLineM|Lemei Rock via Lemei Trail Hike|9.2|2285|Hike to and consider scrambling up an ancient volcanic crag}}
{{GuideLineM|Lemei Rock via Lemei Trail Hike|9.2|2285|Hike to and consider scrambling up an ancient volcanic crag}}

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Western Lowlands

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Vancouver Area
Vancouver Discovery Loop Hike Easy 4.9 130 A loop hike which traces the history of Anglo-American discovery and settlement in the area
Waterfront Renaissance Trail Hike Moderate 10.8 75 Walk along the Columbia from downtown Vancouver to Wintler Park passing numerous historic locations
Burnt Bridge Creek Hike Easy 8.1 180 Easy, 8-mile paved greenway in a pretty valley; described in three sections
Ellen Davis Trail Hike Easy 5.2 420 Wind up and around low hills in central Vancouver
Columbia Springs Hike Easy 3.1 165 Explore a network of trails east and west of the Vancouver Fish Hatchery
Salmon Creek Hike Moderate 9.1 185 Walk along the wetlands and up a forested stream at Salmon Creek
Cougar Trails Loop Hike Easy 2.6 230 Loop down to Mill Creek at the WSU Vancouver Campus
Whipple Creek Loop Hike Moderate 5.9 605 Hike farm fields to enter a 300-acre forest on Whipple Creek near the county fairgrounds
Vancouver Lake-Frenchmans Bar Hike Easy 10.5 10 Paved and gravel trails between Vancouver Lake and the Columbia River

I-5 Corridor
Paradise Point Loop Hike Easy 1.8 240 Swampy bottomland and forested slope hike on East Fork Lewis River
La Center Loop Hike Easy 4.2 310 Hike above wetlands on the East Fork Lewis River; then loop through La Center via Brezee Creek
Lake Sacajawea Loop Hike Easy 3.6 35 Hike around a lake and arboretum in the center of Longview
Silver Lake-Seaquest Loop Hike Easy 4.5 530 Take a short loop through a wetland and then hike lush woods at Seaquest State Park
Lewis and Clark State Park Loop Hike Easy 4.8 340 Two loops through lush old-growth lowland forest
Mima Mounds Loop Hike Easy 3.2 30 Short loops around the mysterious phenomenon of symmetrical mounds in a wildflower prairie
Mima Falls Loop Hike Moderate 6.5 795 Loop in the lush lowland forest of the Black Hills to a small waterfall
Bob Bammert Grove Hike Easy 1.2 315 Hike up above Mima Creek to a grove of old-growth Douglas-firs
Millersylvania Loop Hike Easy 3.9 180 State park loop along a lakeshore, through wetlands, and under towering old growth
Nisqually Wildlife Refuge Hike Easy 4.1 0 Go birdwatching and get views of Mt. Rainier and the Olympics from the Nisqually Estuary

Ridgefield Area
Gee Creek Ridge Loop Hike Easy 1.8 185 Walk along a forested path in Ridgefield that descends to Gee Creek
Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge Hike Easy 2.0 40 Easy stroll with waterfowl, deer, and wildflowers
Carty Lake Hike Easy 3.0 60 Explore the west shore of Carty Lake in the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
Kiwa Trail Loop Hike Easy 1.2 0 Short seasonal birdwatching loop around sloughs and marshes

Mill Ditch to Round Lake Hike Moderate 6.4 685 Walk along a working aqueduct to its source at Round Lake
Fallen Leaf Lake Hike Moderate 4.1 600 Hike a maze of forest trails above Fallen Leaf Lake in Camas
Lacamas Heritage Trail Hike Easy 7.0 30 Flat hike along the west shore of Lacamas Lake
Round Lake Loop Hike Easy 1.5 100 Walk around scenic Round Lake
Lacamas Park Lily Field Hike Easy 2.3 100 Camas and fawn lilies in season
Woodburn Falls Hike Easy 2.0 200 Short hike to an attractive waterfall in deep woods
Lacamas Creek Hike Easy 4.3 300 See two waterfalls and a lake without leaving town
Washougal River Greenway Loop Hike Easy 2.6 70 Loop around a section of the Washougal River using a new footbridge

Columbia River Dike Hike Easy 6.4 30 Walk above the Columbia to get views and observe wildlife
Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge Hike Easy 2.8 0 Refuge hike with art and interpretive signs

Yacolt Burn

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Tarbell Trail
Tarbell Loop Hike Difficult 23.5 4095 Take the Tarbell Trail to the top of Larch Mountain and down across Cold and Rock Creeks
Tarbell Trail to Hidden Falls Hike Moderate 10.4 1415 Hike with some views of surrounding peaks to a secluded waterfall
Silver Shadow Loop Hike Moderate 7.2 1255 Lollipop loop from Rock Creek using a new connector trail
Larch Mountain via Cold Creek Hike Moderate 11.6 2300 Ascending hike through secondary forest to Larch Mountain's summit
Larch Mountain via Grouse Vista Hike Moderate 5.4 1205 Hike to a sweeping viewpoint and then up to the top of Larch Mountain

Silver Star Mountain
Silver Star Mountain Hike Moderate 5.6 1240 Shortest climb to the summit of Silver Star using an old jeep track
Silver Star Mountain Loop Hike (via Ed's Trail) Moderate 5.7 1460 Take Ed's Trail through a natural arch to Silver Star
Silver Star Mountain via Grouse Vista Hike Moderate 6.0 2010 Most common route to Silver Star on a rubbly road track
Silver Star Mountain via Sturgeon Rock Loop Hike Moderate 7.4 2440 Loop to two summits with expansive views: Mt. Rainier to the Three Sisters!
Silver Star Mountain via Bluff Mountain Hike Difficult 12.4 1660 Longer, ridgeline hike to the summit; bursting with wildflowers in early summer
Silver Star Mountain via Starway Trail Hike Moderate 9.8 2790 Little-traveled trail up the east ridge of the Star Creek valley

Rock Creek Area
Stebbins Creek to Three Corner Rock Hike Difficult 18.2 4490 Take the Three Corner Rock Trail from the Washougal River to an expansive viewpoint
Sedum Ridge Loop Hike Moderate 12.4 3535 Hike an unmaintained trail to an old lookout site and return via the PCT
Snag Creek Loop Hike Difficult 10.4 2310 Obscure route, using an abandoned trail, a road, and then the PCT, to access views from Mowich Butte
Three Corner Rock from Snag Creek Hike Moderate 11.4 2440 Take the PCT to Three Corner Rock, crossing Snag Creek and Rock Creek
Three Corner Rock Hike Moderate 4.2 1200 Shorter hike using the PCT to get to Three Corner Rock
Birkenfeld Mountain via Three Corner Rock Hike Difficult 11.4 2325 Hike the PCT to Three Corner Rock and then bushwhack up Birkenfeld Mountain

Lewis River Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
East Fork Lewis River
Battle Ground Lake Loop Hike Easy 0.9 20 Popular walk around the lake
Lewisville Park Loop Hike Easy 2.8 140 Loop along the East Fork in Clark County's oldest park
Lucia Falls Loop Hike Easy 1.1 20 Lazy walk to a small waterfall
Moulton Falls Hike Easy 5.9 260 Hike up the East Fork to a gorge and a couple of waterfalls
Yacolt Falls Hike Easy 0.6 60 Short hike to a beautiful waterfall
Bells Mountain Hike Difficult 15.6 3040 Undulating hike through secondary forest and clearcuts and then along a quiet creek
Lookout and Little Lookout Mountains Hike Difficult 10.6 3050 Hike along the East Fork and then up to outstanding viewpoints

Siouxon Creek Area
Siouxon Creek Hike Moderate 8.2 1615 Lovely creek and waterfall hike in lush forest
Horseshoe Ridge Loop Hike Difficult 12.1 3405 Remote ridge loop to a stand of old growth, returning via Siouxon Creek
Huffman Peak Loop Hike Difficult 13.3 4205 Use two deep fords to access a high ridge with several viewpoints
Siouxon Peak Loop Hike Difficult 17.1 4730 Hike up to the high ridge above the Siouxon to get expansive views
Upper Siouxon Creek Loop Hike Difficult 11.9 3525 Steep descent into an uncrowded and beautiful section of Siouxon Creek

North Siouxon Creek Area
North Siouxon Creek Hike Moderate 10.4 1815 Hike to Black Hole Falls on rugged North Siouxon Creek
Featured.GIF Mount Mitchell Hike Moderate 5.0 2050 Trail closed

Lewis River Reservoirs
Lower Marble Creek Falls Hike Easy 1.2 70 Hike along an old road to a viewpoint of a small waterfall
Beaver Bay Hike Easy 3.9 195 Hike above wetlands and the shore of Yale Lake between two campgrounds
Yale Reservoir IP Road Hike Easy 7.3 120 Flat hike along the east shore of Yale Lake using an old haul road

Upper Lewis River
Curly Creek Falls Hike Easy 0.4 10 Easiest of strolls to two waterfall viewpoints
Lewis River Traverse Hike Moderate 10.0 1260 One-way hike through old-growth bottomlands and above a narrow gorge
Big Creek Falls Hike Easy 1.4 180 Hike gently downhill to the top of Big Creek Falls
Speed Trail Hike Easy 2.0 680 Descend to the Lewis River through lush old growth; it's all uphill on the way back!
Spencer Butte via Cussed Hollow Loop Hike Difficult 14.1 3475 Loop from the Lewis River up to Spencer Butte; descent via the obscure Bluff Trail
Featured.GIF Lewis River Waterfall Hike Moderate 6.6 320 Three wide, complicated waterfalls
Middle Lewis River Falls Loop Hike Easy 1.4 190 Easy loop viewing two small waterfalls and a major one
Wright Meadow Hike Moderate 9.6 2625 Hike up through old growth to an expansive meadow
Quartz Creek Hike Moderate 9.2 2010 Trail with unbridged creek crossings through streamside old growth

Mount St. Helens

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Kalama River Area
Merrill Lake Loop Hike Easy 0.9 145 Interpretive loop through old growth on the east shore of Merrill Lake
Cinnamon Ridge Loop Hike Difficult 14.1 2950 Loop along river and ridge with old growth trees and then many viewpoints
Kalama River-Goat Marsh Lake Loop Hike Moderate 13.9 1435 Gently graded exploration of the Kalama River and two lakes
Fossil Trail Loop Hike Difficult 12.4 3300 Loop into remote old growth using horse and ski trails; some unmaintained sections of trail
Goat Marsh Lake Hike Easy 1.5 80 Hike into noble fir old growth near marshy wetlands in a scientific research area
Blue Horse Loop Hike Easy 5.2 560 Gentle hike taking in a lake, old growth, lush meadows, and a large debris slide
Sheep Canyon Loop Hike Moderate 12.1 2975 Classic St. Helens loop taking in alpine meadows, debris flows, and old growth forest
Butte Camp Dome Loop Hike Difficult 14.3 3630 Bigger loop on the southwest flanks of Mt. St. Helens
Mount Saint Helens via Butte Camp Hike Difficult 13.2 5305 Use the old southern ascent route to reach the high point on Mt. St. Helens

Forest Road 83
Trail of Two Forests Loop Hike Easy 0.3 30 See and even crawl through tree molds from a 2,000 year-old lava flow
Volcano Viewpoint Hike Easy 1.7 410 Hike up to a view of Mt. St. Helens from the Ape Cave Trailhead
Ape Cave Hike Easy 2.0 180 Exploring the Lower Cave is fun for all; the more difficult Upper Cave is a loop of 2.7 miles
Mount Saint Helens Hike Difficult 9.6 4665 Steep hike to the crater rim of Mount St. Helens.
June Lake Hike Easy 2.5 400 Short hike to a waterfall spilling into a small lake.
Pine Creek Hike Easy 0.8 90 Stroll to a restored shelter with option for a short extension
Ape Canyon Hike Moderate 11.0 2485 Magnificent hike up an old-growth ridge to the Plains of Abraham
Lava Canyon Loop Hike Easy 1.5 500 Recently re-constructed loop trail with informative signboards about the dramatic geological events that formed the canyon.
Lava Canyon from Smith Creek Hike Moderate 6.5 1500 Hike through a spectacular basalt canyon unearthed by the 1980 blast.

Coldwater Area
Coldwater Lake Loop Hike Moderate 11.8 1840 Hike along this new lake's north shore and then below the spine of the South Coldwater Ridge
Hummocks Loop Hike Easy 2.7 100 Interpretive loop through revegetating area "bombed" by the 5/18/80 eruption
Coldwater Peak from South Coldwater Hike Difficult 14.0 3420 Beautiful hike through the blast zone to the top of a denuded peak
Johnston Ridge Hike Moderate 10.4 1830 Blast zone hike with two interpretive trails and views to the crater most of the way
Harrys Ridge Hike Moderate 8.5 1830 Hike around the Devils Elbow and over The Spillover to an expansive viewpoint
Coldwater Peak Hike Difficult 13.8 3360 Hike to the top of Coldwater Peak taking in stunning views in all directions
Loowit Falls via Truman Trail Hike Difficult 14.6 2470 Make your way across the Pumice Plain to a waterfall plunging over the Sasquatch Steps

Wind River Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Wind River Area
Mowich Butte from Trout Creek Hike Moderate 11.2 2625 Hike the PCT to Sedum Ridge and then take an old road to the top of Mowich Butte
Bunker Hill Hike Moderate 5.8 1310 Take a flat stretch of the PCT to a vigorous climb up to a former lookout site
Whistle Punk Trail Hike Easy 1.5 100 Interpretive loop trail dedicated to the logging days of old
Falls Creek Falls Loop Hike Moderate 6.2 1250 Forested hike to a thundering waterfall
McClellan Meadows Hike Moderate 6.8 815 Walk on gently sloping terrain to one of the largest meadows in the area

Panther Creek
Panther Creek Falls Hike Easy 0.3 90 Short excursion to an intriguing and picturesque waterfall

Big Huckleberry Mountain
Grassy Knoll Hike Moderate 4.2 1280 Hike to a spectacular wildflower meadow with expansive views
Big Huckleberry Mountain Hike Difficult 11.8 2935 Hike along a ridge of wildflower meadows to a former lookout site
Big Huckleberry Mountain from Crest Camp Hike Difficult 12.6 1710 Follow the western edge of the Big Lava Bed to a former lookout site

Trapper Creek Wilderness
Dry Creek Hike Moderate 7.6 640 Discover massive old-growth trees as you follow Dry Creek in a quiet bottomland
Trapper Creek Wilderness Loop Hike Difficult 14.5 3575 Loop around the wilderness that includes waterfalls, old growth, and a high viewpoint
Soda Peaks Lake via Trapper Creek Hike Difficult 10.2 3110 Steep hike through old growth to a secluded cirque lake
Trapper Creek Primitive Trails Loop Hike Difficult 8.4 3570 A lollipop exploring some of the "primitive" connector trails in the Trapper Creek Wilderness
Observation Peak via Big Hollow Hike Moderate 10.4 2755 Hike up an old growth slope to a scenic viewpoint; extending to Sister Rocks is an option
Sister Rocks Hike Easy 3.9 750 Short hike to a rocky viewpoint over the Trapper Creek Wilderness
Observation Peak Hike Moderate 5.6 1400 Hike into this tiny wilderness from the north side for spectacular views
Observation Peak-Rim Trail Loop Hike Difficult 8.4 2680 Loop using primitive trails, sometimes hard to follow, in the Trapper Creek Wilderness
Sister Rocks-Observation Peak Loop Hike Moderate 8.4 2280 Go off trail from Sister Rocks to loop into the Trapper Creek Wilderness and visit Observation Peak
Soda Peaks Lake West Hike Moderate 4.4 1270 Longer drive and higher trailhead, but much shorter hike to this quiet wilderness lake

Indian Heaven Wilderness

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Eastern Indian Heaven Trailheads
Indian Racetrack via the PCT Hike Moderate 8.0 850 Gradual hike in woods and meadows to the Racetrack
Red Mountain Add-on Hike Easy 1.6 705 Hike from the Indian Racetrack to a lookout atop a cinder cone
Tombstone Lake via the PCT Hike Difficult 16.4 2280 Walk Indian Heaven's backbone to a secluded lake; optional return via the old CCT described
Junction Lake Hike Easy 5.0 725 Short hike to a popular lake in the center of Indian Heaven
Junction Lake-Bear Lake Loop Hike Moderate 8.7 1220 Lollipop loop to lakes and meadows in the heart of Indian Heaven
Lake Wapiki Hike Moderate 7.0 1625 Gradually rising hike through huckleberries to a beautiful lake
Lemei Rock via Lemei Trail Hike Moderate 9.2 2285 Hike to and consider scrambling up an ancient volcanic crag

Western Indian Heaven Trailheads
Indian Racetrack Hike Easy 4.6 760 Visit the site of an abandoned racetrack
Basin Lakes Loop Hike Moderate 9.1 1795 Take an abandoned trail to a secluded collection of lakes (experienced hikers only)
Featured.GIF Blue Lake Hike Moderate 6.6 700 Stunning hike through meadows past a half dozen lakes
Acker Lake Loop Hike Moderate 10.1 860 Use an abandoned route to make a loop taking in meadows and lakes
Chenamus Lake Hike Easy 4.1 485 Visit two lakes and gather huckleberries in late summer!
Placid Lake Loop Hike Moderate 10.1 1460 Take advantage of an abandoned trail to make a loop taking in lakes and meadows

Northern Indian Heaven Trailheads
Deep Lake Hike Moderate 5.4 1270 Short hike to a wilderness lake with a view of Mt. Adams
Bird Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 6.8 1700 Loop hike into the heart of Indian Heaven Wilderness
Cultus Creek to Junction Lake Loop Hike Moderate 9.9 1910 Hike deep into the heart of the Indian Heaven Wilderness from the north
Wood Lake via Sawtooth Mountain Hike Moderate 9.2 2190 Get views from the rugged slopes of Sawtooth Mountain before dropping to a secluded lake

White Salmon River Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Monte Cristo Range
Little Huckleberry Mountain Hike Moderate 5.0 1840 Hike to an old lookout site above the Big Lava Bed with views of Cascade peaks
Monte Carlo-Monte Cristo Loop Hike Difficult 11.8 4070 Loop hike on little-traveled trails to two summits in the Monte Cristo Range
Monte Carlo-Monte Cristo Hike Moderate 5.8 1940 Two wildflower summits with views on the edge of the Gifford Pinchot

Buck Creek Area
Buck Creek Falls Loop Hike Easy 2.8 1090 Short springtime loop up a creek and along wildflower slopes
Nestor Peak Hike Moderate 8.0 2980 Spring wildflower hike to a former lookout site with views
Penny Ridge to Monte Carlo Hike Difficult 15.2 3455 Hike old road beds up a ridge for wildflowers and some views
Monte Carlo via Middle Fork Grove Hike Moderate 6.3 1860 Hike through a remnant stand of old growth to a mile-long wildflower ridge

Husum Area
Weldon Wagon Road Hike Moderate 5.2 1210 Gradual hike on historic settler route across blooming slopes and into white oak woods
Rattlesnake Falls Hike Easy 2.5 525 Easy walk to one scenic waterfall and then a scramble down to another
Willard Springs Loop Hike Easy 2.3 55 Stroll through ponderosa pine woods and next to wetlands in a wildlife refuge

Mount Adams

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Klickitat River
Klickitat Trail: Klickitat Mineral Springs Hike Easy 5.2 50 Flat in and out hike along the Klickitat to mineral springs
Klickitat Trail: Swale Canyon Hike Moderate 15.0 1010 One-way or in and out hikes through a remote valley at the southern end of the High Prairie plateau
Klickitat Canyon Hike Easy 6.8 100 Hike up an old logging road (formerly a railroad) in the Klickitat Canyon
Soda Springs Loop Hike Moderate 11.3 2060 Hike cross-country slopes and jeep tracks in the Klickitat State Wildlife Area

Trout Lake Creek Drainage
Trout Lake Preserve Hike Easy 2.1 300 Get great views of Mt. Adams as you walk above expansive wetlands
Guler Ice Cave Hike Easy 2.2 80 Walk to and crawl around an icy lava tube in early spring
Natural Bridges Hike Easy 1.8 80 Explore a collapsed lava tube with caves and two natural bridges
Sleeping Beauty Hike Moderate 3.0 1430 Short, steep trail up a basalt knoll with expansive views
Langfield Falls Hike Easy 0.5 80 Take a short trail to a scenic waterfall; also visit the nearby peeled cedars
Steamboat Mountain Hike Easy 1.6 575 Hike a short, steep trail to a summit with far-ranging views

West Mount Adams
Salt Creek Hike Moderate 8.4 730 Little-hiked trail past beaver marshes to a debris flow and view of Mount Adams
Lookingglass Lake via Stagman Ridge Hike Moderate 10.8 2415 Lollipop loop with wildflower meadows and views on the slopes of Mount Adams
Horseshoe Meadow-Lookingglass Lake Loop Hike Moderate 13.2 2000 Alpine meadows and lake on the southwest side of Mount Adams
Riley Camp-Horseshoe Meadow Loop Hike Difficult 15.6 3145 Loop that explores the west slope of Mt. Adams using a little-hiked connector trail
Riley Camp to Crystal Lake Hike Difficult 13.2 2860 Wilderness hike to a high alpine lake on the slopes of Mt. Adams
Featured.GIF Adams Glacier Meadows Hike Moderate 8.2 2250 Premier alpine area on Mount Adams. Can be busy but there's a large enough area to disperse crowds.
Foggy Flat Hike Difficult 22.2 1550 Less busy alpine area on Mount Adams. Continue an extra few miles to Devil's Garden.

South Mount Adams
Buck Creek-Wicky Shelter Loop Hike Moderate 9.6 1185 Lower level loop from White Salmon River viewpoints to a shelter and a large ponderosa
Crofton Ridge Loop Hike Moderate 12.5 2600 Loop hike up to Crofton Ridge on the south slopes of Mount Adams
Crofton Butte Hike Moderate 3.3 1100 Take the Crofton Ridge Trail, and then go off trail to the summit of Crofton Butte
Lookingglass Lake via Shorthorn Trail Hike Moderate 11.8 2495 Route across debris slide territory and through a burn to a secluded lake
Mount Adams Summit Hike Difficult 12.4 6740 Hike up steep slopes to the summit of Washington's second highest peak
A.G. Aiken Lava Bed Loop Hike Difficult 14.7 3235 Loop up around a relatively recent lava flow and descend into old growth

Mt. Adams Recreation Area (Yakama Nation)
Bird Creek Meadows Loop Hike Moderate 6.2 1000 Easy hike to subalpine meadows and a great viewpoint on southeast side of Mount Adams
Sunrise Camp Hike Difficult 10.8 3140 Take a mountain climbers' trail to over 8,000 feet on Mt. Adams
Heart Lake Hike Easy 2.0 150 Secluded lake near Hellroaring Meadows and Little Mt. Adams
Little Mount Adams Hike Difficult 6.9 2030 Follow an abandoned trail to a spectacular cinder cone

Goat Rocks Wilderness

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Goat Rocks Wilderness
Goat Rocks Traverse Difficult 25 6500 See the spectacular Goat Rocks from one end to the other
Goat Lake Loop Hike Difficult 12.8 2590 Loop hike to Goat Lake basin that makes a good overnight backpack
South Tieton Hike Difficult 17.6 1860 Back side of Goat Rocks, nice alpine area far away from Portland and Seattle

Mount Rainier Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Mount Rainier National Park
Spray Park Hike Moderate 7.4 2610 Hike to alpine meadows with expansive views via a spectacular waterfall
Tolmie Lookout via Eunice Lake Hike Moderate 6.6 1640 Pleasant hike to a high lake and then a lookout with views
Burroughs Mountain Hike Moderate 6.2 1300 Hike from Sunrise for expansive views of mountain and glacier

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