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Oregon Coast Trail

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
[Oregon Coast Trail] Difficult 382 - Mix of beach, trail, and road along the Oregon coast (official website)

North Oregon Coast

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Astoria Area
Astoria Riverwalk Hike Easy 12.8 0 Take a rails-to-trails route along the Columbia River waterfront of Oregon's oldest settlement
Historic Astoria Loop Hike Easy 2.3 240 A tour of the many elegant historic homes in old Astoria
Cathedral Tree-Coxcomb Hill Hike Easy 3.0 565 Forested hike to a big Sitka spruce and then the Astoria Column
Skipanon River Loop Hike Easy 7.3 20 Trails along the levees on the lower Skipanon River
Astoria Demonstration Forest Hike Easy 2.4 140 Explore the trail system at the Clatsop State Forest headquarters
Fort to Sea Hike Moderate 5.0 160 Varied ramble from Fort Clatsop to Sunset Beach
Netul River Hike Easy 1.5 20 Easy walk along the Lewis and Clark River

Fort Stevens State Park
Clatsop Spit Loop Hike Easy 4.6 10 Very pleasant amble at the mouth of the Columbia with lots of wildlife
Fort Stevens Loop Hike Moderate 10.0 40 Hike to historic artillery batteries, a shipwreck, dune thickets and a coastal lake
Fort Stevens Military Loop Hike Easy 2.6 20 Visit various military fortifications and buildings dating to the Civil War
Coffenbury Lake Loop Hike Easy 2.4 35 Loop around a shallow interdune lake

Sunset Beach to Necanicum Estuary Hike Moderate 12.6 25 Walk a wide beach to the mouth of the Necanicum River
Cullaby Lake Loop Hike Easy 1.5 30 Loop around the north end of Gearhart Fen and to a natural lake
Gearhart Ridge Path Loop Hike Easy 3.0 30 Take a secluded trail past back yards in Gearhart and loop back via the beach and an estuary
Seaside Promenade Loop Hike Easy 6.2 20 Walk the beach and a paved path to enjoy the sights of this historic beach town

Cannon Beach Area
Clatsop Loop Hike Easy 3.0 700 Loop hike to a view of Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
Tillamook Head Traverse Hike Moderate 6.3 1350 Forested traverse hike from Seaside to Ecola
Crescent Beach Hike Easy 3.6 310 Hike down to a secluded beach and explore the caves and tide pools
Ecola Creek Forest Loop Hike Easy 3.1 445 Take a gated road up the West Fork Ecola Creek to see ancient cedars
Cannon Beach Nature Loop Hike Easy 2.1 10 Observe numerous species of waterfowl on wastewater ponds and walk along Ecola Creek
Cannon Beach Hike Moderate 10.2 25 Hike to secluded beaches past headlands and picturesque sea stacks
Hug Point Hike Easy 0.5 40 Beach stroll to a small waterfall, caves and historic road grade
Hug Point to Arch Cape Hike Easy 4.5 40 Walk to scenic Hug Point and then south around headlands to Arch Cape
Arch Cape Loop Hike Moderate 5.5 520 Walk a secluded cobbled beach around Arch Cape; return via the Oregon Coast Trail

Oswald West State Park
Arch Cape to Short Sand Beach Hike Difficult 15.9 2750 Take the Oregon Coast Trail through dense forest to a magnificent headland
Cape Falcon Hike Moderate 4.8 160 Mostly level hike past a small cascade to a lovely viewpoint
Neahkahnie Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 8.0 2300 Loop hike with old growth, clifftop views, and a mountain viewpoint; requires some road walking
Neahkahnie Mountain from North Hike Moderate 5.0 1450 Forest hike with views from the summit ridge of Neahkahnie Mountain
Neahkahnie Mountain from South Hike Easy 3.0 840 Quicker hike to the summit of Neahkahnie Mountain: good for children

Nehalem Bay to Tillamook Bay
Nehalem Spit Loop Hike Easy 5.2 25 Make a loop using an ocean beach and mossy bayshore woods
Manhattan Beach Hike Moderate 7.5 10 Hike a wide beach to the mouth of Nehalem Bay with views of coastal peaks
Cedar Wetlands Hike Easy 0.4 10 Short hike through the bogs of Saltair Creek to a gnarled and ancient cedar
Twin Rocks Beach Hike Moderate 9.2 30 Hike out along the Barview Jetty and then north along the beach opposite Twin Rocks
Kilchis Point Loop Hike Easy 2.2 20 Interpretive trails through coastal wetlands to mudflats on the bay
Tillamook Bay Wetlands Loop Hike Easy 3.6 20 Loop around former pastureland with views of river deltas

Three Capes Scenic Area
Bayocean Spit Loop Hike Moderate 7.6 50 Beach and bay ramble out to the site of a 1920s area resort town swallowed by the unforgiving ocean
Cape Meares Hike Moderate 5.4 885 Hike from a beach to enjoy old growth spruce, a lighthouse, and clifftop vistas
Short Beach Hike Easy 1.4 95 Hike an intriguing trail down to a narrow cobbled beach
Oceanside to Netarts Hike Easy 6.4 20 On this beach walk, find secluded coves, look for wildlife on Three Arch Rocks, and walk to Netarts Bay
Netarts Spit Hike Moderate 11.2 60 Hike to the end of Northwest Oregon's longest spit
Cape Lookout North Hike Moderate 9.6 2340 Forested walk with elevation gain and loss and clifftop views
Cape Lookout Hike Moderate 5.0 930 Whale watching hike out to the tip of a dramatic peninsula
Cape Lookout South Hike Easy 3.6 840 Shady hike down to a secluded beach at the base of the cliffs
Whalen Island Loop Hike Easy 1.4 75 Easy family loop hike exploring a coastal forest and estuary
Sitka Sedge Loop Hike Easy 3.9 80 Hike through dune woods to the beach and an estuary in a brand new state park
Sand Lake-Cape Kiwanda Hike Moderate 8.2 240 Hike the beach between a natural estuary and Cape Kiwanda's Great Dune
Cape Kiwanda Hike Easy 2.2 230 Short hike to views of a stunning headland and the top of a high sand dune
Nestucca Spit Loop Hike Moderate 7.5 60 Loop hike taking in a beach, wetlands, and an enchanted forest

Northern Coast Range

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
From Highway 30
Sophie Mozee Homestead Hike Easy 1.0 155 Take a logging road on private timberland to the remains of an old cabin
Crown Zellerbach Traverse Hike Moderate 23.8 1805 Follow an old logging road/railroad grade from Scappoose to Vernonia: can be hiked in sections
Liahona Loop Hike Easy 3.6 730 Forested loop undulating around Camp Wilkerson County Park
Beaver Falls Hike Easy 0.7 100 Short walk to an attractive waterfall splashing into a basalt amphitheater
Gnat Creek Hike Moderate 8.1 710 Hike along a secluded Coast Range creek; shorter loop also possible

Banks - Vernonia
Banks-Vernonia Traverse Hike Moderate 20.7 820 Easy walking on a now paved former railroad line; the hike is described in five sections
Stub Stewart Northern Loop Hike Easy 4.1 480 Gentle loop through the forest at the north end of Stub Stewart State Park
Boomscooter-Bumping Knots Loop Hike Moderate 9.1 1630 Two loops in Stub Stewart State Park, including the isolated southwestern section
Williams Creek-Hares Canyon Loop Hike Moderate 10.7 1910 This hike links four east-side loops in Stub Stewart State Park and includes a couple of viewpoints
Vernonia Lake Loop Hike Easy 2.9 15 Flat hike on a paved trail around the Oregon-American Lumber Company's mill pond

From Highway 202
Northrup Creek Big Tree Loop Hike Easy 0.9 35 Hike along Northrup Creek to visit some large and ancient maples and conifers
Northrup Creek Loop Hike Moderate 8.7 1725 Loop on equestrian trails through secondary woods and logged areas in the Clatsop State Forest

From Highway 26
Four County Point Hike Easy 1.8 135 Quick walk to a granite monument at the meeting point of four counties
Steam Donkey Loop Hike Easy 0.8 140 Interpretive loops illustrating early 20th century logging activity
Bloom Lake Hike Easy 3.4 675 Short hike to a secluded lake in the Clatsop State Forest
Spruce Run Lake Hike Moderate 6.8 1580 Up and down hike to a small lake in the Clatsop State Forest
Saddle Mountain Hike Moderate 5.5 1600 Hike to the summit of Saddle Mountain

Highway 53
Soapstone Lake Loop Hike Easy 3.2 305 Short hike to a secluded Coast Range lake
North Fork Nehalem River Hike Moderate 11.4 505 Road walk along the North Fork Nehalem through private timberland and state forest
Nehalem Falls Loop Hike Easy 0.9 70 Loop to a rapid/chute on the Nehalem River and a stand of old growth
Cougar Valley Hike Easy 4.6 855 Walk old logging roads in an unknown state park

Salmonberry River
Wolf Creek Trestle Hike Moderate 10.0 740 Trail closed
Belding Hike Difficult 7.2 570 Trail closed
Enright via North Fork Hike Difficult 9.4 490 Trail closed
Lower Salmonberry River Hike Moderate 9.6 275 Trail closed

Kilchis River Area
Cedar Butte Hike Easy 1.6 780 Short, steep hike to a former lookout site above the South Fork Kilchis valley
Kilchis River Hike Moderate 4.8 1030 Follow a forest road track along the Kilchis River and then up to a small waterfall
Little South Fork Kilchis River Hike Moderate 6.8 1720 Take an abandoned logging road above a remote and lushly forested creek
Sawtooth Ridge Hike Moderate 8.3 1600 Hike an old logging road above the North Fork Kilchis River; a ridge scramble affords views

From Reehers Camp
North Gales Creek Trail Hike Moderate 6.8 1465 Begin at the Nehalem River and hike to a ridge crest in the Tillamook State Forest
Step Creek Loop Hike Moderate 7.4 880 Hike a newly completed loop off the Gales Creek Trail via Plenty Big and Step Creeks
Triple C Loop Hike Easy 2.4 280 Short loop along the Nehalem River and then up through secondary forest

Highway 6: Rogers Camp Area
Gales Creek Hike Difficult 13.6 2040 Hike up the secluded Gales Creek valley to a ridge crest
Low Divide Creek Hike Moderate 5.2 705 Hike down to Gales Creek in lush woodland
Storey Burn Loop Hike Moderate 8.1 1645 Forested loop with numerous creeks
University Falls Loop Hike Moderate 8.0 1275 Loop hike through lush forest, including a waterfall and historic stagecoach route
Wilson River Wagon Road Hike Moderate 11.6 1800 Hike a historic stagecoach road from the Devil's Lake Fork to Stagecoach Camp
University Falls Hike Easy 0.7 180 Short hike to a 60-foot waterfall

Highway 6: Elk/Kings Mountain Area
Elk Creek Hike Moderate 9.6 2100 The "easier" hike in the area
Elk Creek to Idiot Creek Road Hike Moderate 7.0 1160 An additional section of the Wilson River Trail from Elk Creek up to a viewpoint
Elk Mountain Hike Moderate 3.2 2080 Hike to the summit of Elk Mountain, very steep and slippery, nice views
Elk Mountain-Kings Mountain Loop Hike Difficult 10.8 3700 Hike to the summits of Elk Mountain and Kings Mountain
Kings Mountain Hike Moderate 5.0 2500 Hike to the summit of Kings Mountain, in the woods with fewer views, steep last section
Kings Mountain Junior Loop Hike Moderate 5.9 2695 Uncrowded loop option taking a narrow ridge to the Kings Mountain summit

Highway 6: Wilson River
Wilson River Traverse Hike Difficult 22.6 3950 Long hike with many creeks, views and small waterfalls; described in five sections for easier day hikes
Smith Homestead Hike Easy 0.8 20 Short trail to the banks of the Wilson River and the site of a historic homestead

Tualatin River Drainage
Hagg Lake Loop Hike Moderate 13.5 520 Hike through forest and creek valleys around a foothills reservoir
Lee Falls Hike Moderate 6.6 355 Walk a gated gravel road along the upper Tualatin River to an unusual block waterfall
Ki-A-Kuts Falls Hike Moderate 2.8 580 Hike an old logging road to a hidden waterfall on the upper Tualatin River

Trask River Drainage
Stairstep Falls Hike Easy 1.5 70 Short excursion to an unusual formation on the Middle Fork North Fork Trask River
The Peninsula Loop Hike Easy 0.9 250 Hike a basalt ridge to a grove of old-growth Sitka spruce

Nestucca Hills
Munson Creek Falls Hike Easy 0.6 95 Easy trail to the Coast Range's tallest waterfall
Hebo Lake Loop Hike Easy 0.4 10 Loop around a forest lake and popular trout fishing destination
Mount Hebo Hike Difficult 16.0 3230 Hike to a moorland plateau and then down Hebo's remote back side to secluded lakes
Niagara Falls Hike Easy 2.0 350 Hike down to visit two waterfalls in the Coast Range

Central Oregon Coast

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Cascade Head Area
Cannery Hill Hike Easy 1.4 230 Walk in a wildlife refuge to a hillcrest viewpoint
Neskowin Beach to Porter Point Hike Moderate 9.6 15 Check out sea stacks, shallow caves, and a drowned forest on this beach hike
Cascade Head Old Growth Hike Moderate 7.4 1295 Inland hike through old growth Sitka spruce; north section of the trail is abandoned
Cascade Head Hike Moderate 6.8 1310 Steep hike with stunning views and endangered flora and fauna
Hart's Cove Hike Moderate 5.4 1000 Hike down into a coastal meadow with views of the ocean and a waterfall

Lincoln City
The Thumb Hike Moderate 4.6 1025 In and out hike to a stunning view of the Salmon River and Cascade Head
Roads End Hike Easy 2.6 15 Hike the beach to a headland and explore rock pools at low tide
Friends of the Wildwoods Hike Easy 1.0 45 Short trail through an open space of forest and wetland
Spring Lake to Devils Lake Hike Easy 2.4 295 Walk from a quiet forested lake to the busy shore of Devils Lake
Nelscott Beach Hike Moderate 7.8 30 Hike a bog at Devils Lake, see the world's shortest river, and then walk the beach to Siletz Bay
Cutler City Wetlands Loop Hike Easy 0.8 5 Rhododendrons, mossy woods, a salt marsh and a pond

Siletz Bay to Yaquina Head
Salishan Spit Hike Moderate 8.0 20 Beach walk to a harbor seal haul out site at the mouth of Siletz Bay
Lincoln Beach Hike Easy 5.0 50 Amble south along the beach to the lava promontory at Fishing Rock
Fogarty Creek-Fishing Rock Loop Hike Easy 2.8 260 Hike dense secondary woods, head out to a beach, and then enjoy a rocky promontory
Depoe Bay Hike Easy 2.2 60 Walk a sea wall and then a headland trail to view rugged coastal bluffs
Cape Foulweather Hike Easy 0.6 120 Quick stroll to a hidden meadow with ocean views
Devil's Punchbowl Hike Easy 1.8 100 Low tide beach walk to tidepools and the inside of a collapsed sea cave
Beverly Beach-Moolack Beach Hike Moderate 10.3 80 Hike a wide sandy beach and then enjoy low tide on wave-cut platforms and rock formations
Spencer Creek Loop Hike Easy 1.7 30 Short nature trail along a coastal creek

Yaquina Head Hike Easy 3.4 490 See whales, seals, seabirds, basalt formations, and a historic lighthouse at this beautiful headland
Newport Beach Hike Moderate 8.2 195 Walk the beach from imposing Yaquina Head to the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Big Creek-Forest Park Hike Easy 3.6 560 Walk the wetlands and spruce forest on the back side of Newport
Newport Bayfront Hike Easy 2.6 140 Walk Newport's historic bay front and then out to the beach and a lighthouse
Yaquina Estuary Hike Easy 0.9 10 Interpretive trail along Yaquina Bay from the Hatfield Marine Science Center
Mike Miller Park Loop Hike Easy 1.2 115 Loop around a pocket of old-growth Sitka spruce and hemlock
Cooper Ridge-South Beach Loop Hike Easy 3.3 70 Wander through dense rhododendron thickets and then out to the beach

Ona Beach to Waldport
Beaver Creek Loop Hike Easy 4.6 440 Take the trails through the marshes and around a forested knoll at Beaver Creek
Ona Beach to Seal Rock Hike Moderate 5.5 120 Hike a wave-cut platform and then explore the stacks and tide pools at Seal Rock

Yachats/Cape Perpetua
Yachats 804 Trail Hike Easy 1.7 20 Take this historic route along the rocky shoreline of Yachats
Ya'Xaik Trail-Gerdemann Preserve Loop Hike Easy 2.1 190 Loop from the coast to hillside forest and a private botanical preserve
Amanda's Trail Hike Moderate 7.4 1170 Hike from the rocky ocean shore to ascend steeply in lush forest to the top of Cape Perpetua
Cape Perpetua Hike Moderate 6.5 1100 Varied trails at a spectacular coastal headland: blowholes, lush creeks, big trees, views, wildflowers, and more!
Gwynn Creek Loop Hike Moderate 6.3 1200 Loop that visits old growth spruce and Douglas-fir in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Cummins Creek to Florence
Cummins Creek Loop Hike Moderate 9.7 2040 Loop hike to a high ridge above Cummins and Gwynn Creeks
Rock Creek Wilderness Hike Easy 1.2 100 Follow a user trail from the Rock Creek Campground into this pocket wilderness
Hobbit Beach to Heceta Head Hike Moderate 6.3 910 Hike a beach and then a coastal wood to reach the Heceta Head Lighthouse
Heceta Head Hike Easy 1.5 165 Short walk that takes in a historic bridge, a sheltered cove, and a lighthouse
Sutton Creek Loop Hike Easy 4.3 165 Two short loops through a vegetated dunescape along looping Sutton Creek

Central Coast Range

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Drift Creek/Siletz River Area
Drift Creek Falls Hike Easy 3.0 490 Hike to a spectacular trail bridge
Valley of the Giants Loop Hike Easy 1.4 535 Walk around a relic stand of massive Douglas-firs and hemlocks

Kings Valley Area
Fort Hoskins Loop Hike Easy 1.8 430 Hike through a meadow and around the site of a historic fort
Beazell Memorial Forest Loop Hike Easy 3.9 885 Two short loops through forest and meadows

Marys Peak Area
Marys Peak East Ridge Hike Moderate 5.5 1200 Hike through old growth to the summit
Marys Peak Meadow Edge Hike Easy 1.8 450 Wander through wildflower meadows and ancient Noble Firs
Marys Peak North Ridge Hike Moderate 9.0 1900 Switchback to the summit in solitude through a magestic forest
Marys Peak Summit Hike Easy 1.5 400 An easy walk around the summit of Marys Peak
Alsea and Green Peak Falls Hike Easy 4.2 230 Visit two waterfalls in lush forest; optional loop to see old growth trees

Drift Creek Wilderness
Drift Creek North Hike Moderate 7.6 1690 Wilderness hike on an old growth ridge down to remote Drift Creek
Harris Ranch Trail Hike Moderate 6.0 1365 Descend through lush Coast Range old growth to campsites at Drift Creek

Siuslaw River Area
Whittaker Ridge Loop Hike Easy 3.8 880 A loop above Whittaker Creek leads to a ridge trail with old-growth Douglas-firs
Kentucky Falls Hike Easy 4.0 650 See three impressive waterfalls
North Fork Smith-Kentucky Falls Bike and Hike Moderate 17.0 3200 Hike uphill along a creek and past waterfalls; return on bicycle
Enchanted Valley, Oregon Hike Easy 4.0 80 Follow an old roadbed through a valley with abundant wildlife

Southern Oregon Coast

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Oregon Dunes
Honeyman State Park Loop Hike Easy 6.6 470 Use a network of trails to visit two lakes and the edge of the Oregon Dunes
Siltcoos River Hike Easy 5.7 90 Three short loops and a hike to the beach on the picturesque lower Siltcoos River
Oregon Dunes Loop Hike Easy 4.8 195 Loop hike from a dunes overlook to Tahkenitch Creek and the beach
Tahkenitch Creek Loop Hike Easy 2.6 60 Short excursion along looping Tahkenitch Creek through dunes and shore pine woods
Lake Marie Loop Hike Easy 1.7 50 Loop around a forested lake, see the Umpqua Dunes, and visit a historic lighthouse
Eel Lake Hike Moderate 6.6 615 An up and down forest hike along the convoluted shoreline of a natural barrage lake
John Dellenback Dunes Loop Hike Easy 4.0 220 Hike a dune crest and follow trail posts at the widest part of the Oregon Dunes
Coos Bay Area
Shore Acres Hike Moderate 5 160 Hike through coastal forest and along oceanside cliffs with views of spectacular rock formations
Bandon Area
Bandon Beach Hike Easy 7.4 45 Beach stroll to admire the extensive array of sea stacks off the Bandon shore

Port Orford Area
Cape Blanco Loop Hike Moderate 9.4 435 Combination of two loops and a lighthouse at Oregon's westernmost point
Port Orford Heads Loop Hike Easy 1.2 170 Walk around a rugged headland at a historic lifeboat station
Humbug Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 5.5 1740 Wooded hike with limited views up the highest coastal prominence in Oregon

Gold Beach Area
Sisters Rocks Hike Easy 1.6 260 Hike down to massive sea stacks, a sea cave, and a historic beach
Otter Point to Rogue River Hike Moderate 7.7 160 A picturesque headland and then a beach walk getting views of the Rogue River Reef
Cape Sebastian to Pistol River Hike Moderate 10.5 870 Hike down a high headland to walk a beach scattered with picturesque stacks

Brookings Area
Samuel Boardman: North Island to Arch Rock Hike Moderate 8.4 1080 Descend to two beaches and admire stacks and arches from clifftop viewpoints
Samuel Boardman: Lone Ranch Beach to House Rock Hike Moderate 5.7 1140 Views of a rugged coastline, pocket beaches, and wildflowers on headland meadows
Harris Beach Loop Hike Easy 2.8 305 Admire sea stacks and offshore islands from the beach and a high viewpoint
Chetco Point Hike Easy 1.1 110 Short walk out to clifftop views of offshore rocks and islands

Southern Coast Range

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Millicoma River Drainage
Golden and Silver Falls Hike Easy 3.1 515 Three short trails to views of two tall Coast Range waterfalls

Elk River Area
Grassy Knob Hike Easy 0.8 290 Short hike up an old lookout road to enter a Coast Range wilderness
Barklow Mountain West Hike Moderate 4.5 1080 Hike in the Copper Salmon Wilderness to its highest peak

Chetco River
Chetco Redwoods Loop Hike Easy 2.6 520 Hike along the Chetco River to one of the northernmost groves of redwoods
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