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Columbia River Gorge Hikes

From Oregon Hikers Field Guide

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Cape Horn AreaCrown Point AreaMultnomah Falls AreaBeacon Rock AreaEagle Creek AreaWaucoma Ridge AreaDog Mountain AreaStarvation Creek AreaCatherine Creek AreaRowena AreaGorgeIndex.JPG
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NOTICE: Most trails on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge are closed until further notice because of damage from the Eagle Creek Fire. The closure involves ALL trails between Latourell Falls and Hood River (with the exception of Latourell Falls and Bridal Veil). It is anticipated that most of these trails may not reopen until Spring or Summer 2018. Please check the list of Columbia Gorge trail closures before you plan for a hike.


Trans-Gorge Hikes

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Mark O. Hatfield Trail Difficult 60.0 13,500 Five-night backpack through the Hatfield Wilderness

Cape Horn Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Cape Horn Loop Hike Moderate 7.1 1350 Trail loop in the western Gorge with spectacular clifftop views and a waterfall
St. Cloud Loop Hike Easy 1.0 25 A universal access trail through an old apple orchard and to the Columbia shore
Sams Walker Loop Hike Easy 1.1 15 A stroll around an old farm meadow on the banks of the Columbia

Crown Point Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Sandy River to Bridal Veil
Lewis and Clark Park Hike Easy 3.0 100 Noisy hike under Broughton Bluff and to climbing walls
Sandy River Delta Loop Hike Easy 4.4 40 Flat loop from a popular dog park to the Columbia and Sandy Rivers
Rooster Rock Wagon Road Hike Easy 4.8 910 Descend a forest road track in the bowl between Chanticleer and Crown Points
Young Creek Bottomland Hike Easy 4.3 40 Visit Mirror Lake and then hike along boggy Young Creek
Rooster Rock Loop Hike Easy 3.0 100 Shaded path to a riverside monolith and a forest covered sand dune
Featured.GIF Latourell Falls Hike Easy 2.4 520 Two beautiful waterfalls on a loop trail
Shepperd's Dell Hike Easy 0.3 50 Paved stroll to a multi-tiered waterfall
Bridal Veil Loop Hike Easy 0.5 0 Paved, all-access trail to river viewpoints
Bridal Veil Falls Hike Easy 0.6 70 Downhill trail to waterfall

Angel's Rest Trailhead
Featured.GIF Angel's Rest Hike Moderate 4.8 1450 Outstanding 270 degree rocky summit
Angel's Rest-Devil's Rest Loop Hike Moderate 10.9 2770 A loop beyond Angel's Rest

Multnomah Falls Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Larch Mountain Trailhead
Larch Mountain Crater Hike Moderate 5.9 1310 Explore meadows in the crater of an extinct volcano
Sherrard Point Hike Easy 0.6 170 Brief stair climb to a spectacular viewpoint.

Mist Falls Trailhead
Mist Falls Hike Moderate 0.6 300 Very rough use path to the base of Oregon's second highest waterfall

Wahkeena Trailhead
Devil's Rest via Wahkeena Hike Moderate 7.5 2550 Hike up pretty creek to a Gorge summit
Fairy Falls Hike Moderate 2.0 800 Uphill trail to an intimate waterfall
Featured.GIF Wahkeena Falls Hike Moderate 1.4 600 A paved trail past the falls to a viewpoint

Multnomah Falls Trailhead
Featured.GIF Multnomah Falls Hike Moderate 2.6 870 Take paved switchbacks to the top of Oregon's highest waterfall
Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop Hike Moderate 4.9 1600 A classic loop with 10 waterfalls
Cougar Rock via Elevator Shaft Hike Difficult 6.7 1860 Lost trail up talus slope to unique outcrop
Larch Mountain Hike Difficult 14.4 4010 Hike a trail of many falls to a majestic 360 degree viewpoint

Oneonta Trailhead
Bell Creek Loop Hike Difficult 14.5 3330 Lessor used trail through varied forests, creeks
Larch Mountain via Oneonta Trail Hike Difficult 17.2 4400 Longer, quieter option to the top of Larch Mountain
Featured.GIF Triple Falls Hike Moderate 3.2 610 Lush forest hike to a beautiful unique falls

Oneonta Gorge Trailhead
Featured.GIF Oneonta Gorge Hike Moderate 1.0 0 Wade up creek to spectacular hidden waterfall

Horsetail Falls Trailhead
Horsetail Falls Loop Hike Easy 2.6 610 Nice lower elevation loop for beginners
Featured.GIF Ponytail Falls Hike Easy 0.8 360 Short steep hike to a walk-behind waterfall
Rock of Ages Loop Hike Difficult 10.0 3000 Scramble up an unmaintained trail past unique rock features

Ainsworth Picnic Area
Ainsworth Loop Hike Easy 0.4 150 Easy nature loop for kids over 8

John B Yeon Trailhead
Featured.GIF Elowah Falls Hike Easy 1.4 280 Easy hike to an impressive falls
Munra Point from Yeon Trailhead Hike Moderate 7.4 2270 Fun, difficult scramble to a 360 viewpoint
Upper McCord Creek Falls Hike Easy 2.0 400 Moderate hike to a viewpoints and waterfall
Nesmith Point Hike Difficult 10.6 3800 Classic conditioner hike through beautiful box canyon
Nesmith-Oneonta Traverse Hike Difficult 14.1 3800 Lesser used one-way shuttle over Yeon Mt
Wauneka Point Hike Difficult 17.4 5680 Long in and out to the viewpoint and ancient workings at Wauneka Point
Nesmith-Tanner Traverse Hike Difficult 16.7 4350 One-way shuttle hike to Tooth Rock Trailhead

Beacon Rock Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Beacon Rock State Park
Featured.GIF Beacon Rock Hike Easy 1.8 680 Mile of cliffside stairways up a well-known landmark
River to Rock Loop Hike Easy 3.1 270 Hike around a former ranch and then a new trail connecting Beacon Rock with the river
Little Beacon Rock Loop Hike Easy 1.6 375 Short loop to Beacon Rock's much smaller but much older neighbor
Featured.GIF Hamilton Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 7.5 2100 Hike to two Waterfalls and expansive views of the Columbia River Gorge
Pool of the Winds Hike Easy 2.2 700 Easy hike to see two waterfalls on Hardy Creek
Featured.GIF Hardy Ridge Loop Hike Moderate 8.1 2200 Quiet loop hike through the forest up to a long ridgetop with great early summer wildflowers

Table Mountain Area
Strawberry Island Loop Hike Easy 3.2 150 Loop around a former island with great views to Gorge features on both sides of the Columbia
Fort Cascades Hike Easy 1.5 20 Historic hike with restored displays
Gillette Lake Hike Easy 5.4 630 Easy trail to a green lake under power lines
Aldrich Butte Hike Moderate 13.8 2405 Lengthy hike to a historic viewpoint
Aldrich Butte-Cedar Falls Loop Hike Difficult 16.4 3105 Strenuous hike to forgotten trails near Hamilton Creek
Cedar Mountain Loop Hike Difficult 17.1 3970 Difficult, long hike up the Cedar Mountain Ridge on a rarely maintained trail
Two Chiefs Trail Hike Difficult 15.2 2575 Long hike to just below the massive cliffs of Table Mountain
Table Mountain from Bonneville Hike Difficult 15.5 4320 Long approach and then a loop that includes the top of Table Mountain
Table Mountain North Ridge Hike Difficult 19.5 4350 Full day hike up Table Mountain and then north to the saddle below South Birkenfeld
Fort Rains Hike Easy 1.6 40 Flat hike on an historic right-of-way

Eagle Creek Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Wahclella Falls Trailhead
Munra Point from Wahclella Hike Difficult 5 2000 Shorter approach to a great 360 degree viewpoint
Featured.GIF Wahclella Falls Hike Easy 2.0 200 Easy, pretty hike to a beautiful waterfall

Tooth Rock Trailhead
Dublin Lake Hike Difficult 13.8 3780 Hike over a ridge to small, secluded lake
Tanner Creek Hike Moderate 12.2 1400 Hike to a forgotten part of Tanner Creek above Wahclella Falls
Tanner Cutoff Loop Hike Difficult 14.4 3700 Shorter hike for those that aren't ready for Tanner Butte
Tanner Butte Hike Difficult 19.0 4800 Super long, strenuous day hike. Better as a backpack.
Tanner-Eagle Traverse Hike Difficult 23.6 4300 Mega miles and mega scenery for the hard workers in the group
Tooth Rock Loop Hike Easy 1.8 220 A great historical hike looking at two bygone eras of transportation
Wauna Point Hike Moderate 9.0 2800 Moderate hike to great viewpoint of Bonneville Dam area
Wauna Viewpoint from Tooth Rock Hike Moderate 4.0 1050 View to a lower viewpoint of Bonneville Dam

Eagle Creek Trailhead
Eagle Creek Overlook Hike Easy 0.6 175 Walk around historic CCC structures with views of the Bonneville Dam
Wauna Viewpoint from Eagle Creek Hike Moderate 3.6 1050 View to a lower viewpoint of Bonneville Dam
Buck Point Hike Moderate 1.8 570 Quick hike to a viewpoint over Bridge of the Gods
Ruckel Ridge Loop Hike Difficult 9.0 3700 The quintessential rough trail. NOT for beginners
Featured.GIF Eagle Creek to Punch Bowl Falls Hike Moderate 3.8 500 Cliffside hike to the most photographed waterfall in the area
Featured.GIF High Bridge Hike Moderate 6.4 480 Waterfalls, cliffs and bridges
Eagle-Benson Loop Hike Difficult 15.8 4260 Almost forgotten loop hike
Featured.GIF Tunnel Falls Hike Moderate 12.0 1640 Waterfall-rich trail to splendid walk-behind waterfall
Wahtum Lake via Eagle Creek Hike Difficult 26.5 5310 Backpack option for Eagle Creek lovers
Wahtum Lake via Ruckel Creek Hike Difficult 13.4 3700 Tough backpack option to Wahtum Lake

Cascade Locks Trailhead
Cascade Locks West Loop Hike Easy 3.1 100 Easy loop hike makes for a lazy afternoon

Pacific Crest Trail Trailhead
Featured.GIF Dry Creek Falls Hike Easy 4.4 710 Moderate hike to pretty, historic falls
Rudolph Spur Loop Hike Difficult 10.4 3810 Steep climb up an abandoned trail

EasyCLIMB Trailhead
EasyCLIMB Loop Hike Easy 2.8 170 Gentle hiking/biking loop between Government and Herman Creek Coves

Waucoma Ridge Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Upper Mount Defiance and Rainy Lake Trailheads
Mount Defiance from Wahtum Lake Road Hike Easy 3.2 1145 The short route to the Mt. Defiance summit
Bear Lake Hike Easy 2.6 480 Up and down walk to a secluded lake
Waucoma Lakes Loop Hike Difficult 16.5 3170 Visit four lakes on the north side of Waucoma Ridge and get some views, too!
Green Point Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 8.0 1275 Easily graded hike to a ridge high point and two lakes

Wahtum Lake Trailhead
Featured.GIF Mud Lake Hike Moderate 7.4 1400 Moderate hike to a secluded lake below Waucoma Ridge
Tomlike Mountain Hike Moderate 6.8 1565 Take a user trail along the wide open Woolly Horn Ridge
Featured.GIF Chinidere Mountain Hike Moderate 5.6 1140 Wahtum Lake and views from Chinidere summit
Indian Mountain Loop Hike Moderate 11.5 2640 Old growth forest, a mountain lake, springs, wildflowers and spectacular views

Starvation Creek Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Herman Creek Trailhead
Benson Plateau Loop Hike Difficult 16.2 4080 Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail up to Benson Plateau
Casey Creek Loop Hike Difficult 11.3 3995 Strenuous loop to high meadows and viewpoints on Nick Eaton Ridge
Herman Creek Pinnacles Hike Easy 5.0 1000 Easy hike past a waterfall to an interesting basalt formation
Herman Creek-Wyeth Hike Moderate 10.8 2175 Low level in and out hike using the easternmost section of the Gorge Trail
Indian Point Loop Hike Moderate 7.6 2800 Loop hike to a prominent basalt pinnacle overlooking the Columbia
Nick Eaton Ridge Loop Hike Difficult 14.0 3840 Longer hike with ridge meadows and nice views at the high point
Rainy Lake via Gorton Creek Trail Hike Difficult 23.0 5230 Long ridge hike to a lake on Waucoma Ridge
Wahtum Lake via Herman Creek Hike Difficult 22.2 5070 In and out day hike or backpack via the beautiful Herman Creek Trail
Wahtum Lake via Pacific Crest Trail Hike Difficult 33.8 6010 Long in and out hike across the Benson Plateau to Wahtum Lake

Wyeth Trailhead
North Lake Hike Difficult 12.8 4220 A hike of many switchbacks to lush old growth and a high lake

Starvation Creek Trailhead
Defiance-Starvation Loop Hike Difficult 11.4 4850 Popular loop for very tough summit
Lancaster Falls Hike Easy 1.8 160 Easy hike to three waterfalls
Lower Starvation Loop Hike Moderate 3.0 1280 Short but sometimes steep loop with views and four waterfalls
Mount Defiance from Columbia River Hike Difficult 10.2 4840 Strenuous hike to the highest point in the Gorge
Starvation Ridge Hike Difficult 6.4 3910 Tough, steep hike on a rocky ridge with views

Mitchell Point Trailhead
Mitchell Point Hike Moderate 2.6 1270 Rustic path to a sweeping viewpoint with wildflower show in spring
Wygant Peak Hike Moderate 6.0 1200 Forest trail past a series of fine viewpoints
Chetwoot Loop Hike Moderate 5.5 1000 Abandoned, overgrown trail past viewpoints and a creek

Dog Mountain Area

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Dog Mountain Area
Wind Mountain Hike Moderate 3.0 1000 Easy climb to historic vision quest site
Featured.GIF Dog Mountain Hike Difficult 6.9 2800 Popular and tough hike to 360 summit. Abundant May/June wildflowers
Dog Mountain Loop Hike Difficult 7.4 2800 Longer hike to the top of Dog Mountain. Abundant May/June wildflowers
Augspurger Mountain Hike Difficult 12.6 4770 Adventurous hike on little used trail to great Gorge viewpoint
Cook Hill Loop Hike Moderate 8.8 2930 Hike unofficial trails and old logging roads to the summit of Cook Hill

Rowena Area

(Hood River to The Dalles)

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Hood River/Mosier Area
Indian Creek Hike Easy 3.2 250 Walk above a creek canyon in the City of Hood River
Punchbowl Falls Park Hike Easy 1.4 190 A steep-sided gorge, two waterfalls, and the forks of the Hood River in a new county park
Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike Moderate 8.5 1000 Hike on a paved section of the old Gorge Highway with views through historic tunnels
Mosier Plateau Hike Easy 3.5 760 Short hike to viewpoints and wildflowers, with a pioneer cemetery and waterfall thrown in!

Memaloose Hills/Rowena
Memaloose Hills Hike Moderate 5.2 905 Spring hike through oak woodland and dazzling wildflower meadows
Rowena Plateau Hike Easy 2.0 200 Stroll though McCall Nature Preserve
McCall Point Hike Moderate 3.6 1070 Moderate climb through wildflower meadows to pretty lookout

The Dalles Area
The Dalles Riverfront Hike Easy 6.6 100 Paved riverside hike on basalt scablands
Chenoweth Tableland Hike Easy 4.5 870 Hike along a Dalles Formation rim above the city of The Dalles
Sevenmile Hill Loop Hike Moderate 4.8 1260 Cross-country ramble up open slopes: brilliant display of wildflowers in spring

Catherine Creek Area

(Coyote Wall to the Columbia Hills)

Hike Difficulty Distance Elevation Change Notes
Coyote Wall Area
Coyote Wall Hike Moderate 7.8 1775 Hike up the rim of a spectacular syncline to enjoy views and wildflowers in spring
Labyrinth Hike Easy 3.6 915 Hike with two waterfalls, interesting rock formations, and a wide-ranging viewpoint
Labyrinth-Coyote Wall Loop Hike Moderate 7.3 1790 Scenic loop with extensive views, waterfalls, and a wildflower extravaganza in spring

Catherine Creek
Catherine Creek Universal Access Hike Easy 1.2 50 Paved trail overlooking the Columbia River
Catherine Creek Arch Loop Hike Easy 2.0 200 Natural rock arch and wildflowers galore
Catherine Creek West Loop Hike Easy 3.4 1040 Hike up the west side of the Catherine Creek Canyon and then down grassy Sunflower Hill
Sunflower Hill-Indian Pits Loop Hike Moderate 4.9 1320 Loop up a grassy hillside and then through oak copses to Rowland Wall
Catherine Creek to Coyote Wall Hike Moderate 8.2 1750 Trail to Coyote Wall
Tracy Hill Loop Hike Moderate 6.1 1715 Hike open slopes and ponderosa/oak parklands east of Catherine Creek

Lyle Area
Balfour-Klickitat Loop Hike Easy 0.7 115 Short loop on a paved trail to a view over the Klickitat Gorge
Klickitat Trail: Lyle to Klickitat Hike Moderate 13.0 340 One-way hike on a converted rail bed along the scenic Klickitat River
Klickitat Trail: Klickitat Mineral Springs Hike Easy 5.2 50 Flat in and out hike along the Klickitat to mineral springs
Klickitat Trail: Swale Canyon Hike Moderate 15.0 1010 One-way or in and out hikes through a remote valley at the southern end of the High Prairie plateau
Lyle Cherry Orchard Hike Moderate 4.2 1160 Hike steeply uphill to an ancient orchard of cherry trees
Devils Hole Loop Hike Moderate 2.7 800 Off trail walking along grassy benches with expansive views

Columbia Hills
Spearfish Lake Loop Hike Easy 2.2 45 Loop around a scabland lake near the Columbia River
She Who Watches Hike Easy 0.6 45 Guided hike to a series of pictographs and She Who Watches
Horsethief Butte Hike Easy 2.1 250 Easy hike and scramble through rocky outcrops to great views of the Columbia River
Dalles Mountain Ranch Loop Hike Moderate 6.9 1060 Loop up a creek and around the pastures and flower meadows of a former working ranch
Stacker Butte-Oak Spring Hike Moderate 7.8 1535 Hike up a road across blooming slopes to a windy summit, then take a spur to a hidden spring
Maryhill Loops Hike Moderate 5.9 820 Take a walk on a historic looping, gated highway for views and wildflowers

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