McNeil Point Ho Rock 10/19/22

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McNeil Point Ho Rock 10/19/22

Post by longboard16 » October 26th, 2022, 6:51 pm

Last week made my first trip to McNeil Point and then decided to do the steep (at least for me) hike up to Ho Rock. The air was clear on Mt. Hood but you could see the smokey haze hanging over Portland and points west. Took the Top Spur trail which seemed full of roots to get up to the PCT/Timberline Trail junction.

During the hike, I went around Bald Mountain on both trails using the south side or more exposed (better view) trail on the ascent and then the shorter, north side trail on the return. Even though the south side is longer it has better views and the trail is better, IMO.
View from trail south side of Bald Mountain

Once at the McNeil Point junction took that trail after eating a quick PB/Honey sandwich. As the McNeil Shelter came into view and the trail split, I stayed to the left and worked my way up to Ho Rock. The view was certainly with the trouble.

Trail view going up towards Ho Rock

Numerous views of the Sandy Glacier as well as the Glisan Glacier, to name a few, as well as a good look down the Muddy Fork.

Sandy Glacier and ice caves
View of the Muddy Fork
Some hikers taking a well deserve break at the McNeil shelter.
Some fall colors
Some fall colors were present as well. The area is probably remarkable when the summer flowers are blooming. Initially my plans was to include going over to Cairn Basin but time was going to run short and figured my energy would be best use to get back to the car. Will have to do the Cairn Basin next year as it appears the snow is arriving. And finally what it might look like if I ever spend the night up there.

Potential nighttime view

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