Green Mountain, Clark Co.

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Don Nelsen
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Green Mountain, Clark Co.

Post by Don Nelsen » June 19th, 2022, 6:53 pm

Thanks to jvangeld’s post a few weeks ago, I’ve been hiking Green Mt and the city of Camas’s parkland to the east of it. Here is his post:

This is turning into a very nice place to hike and the trail that goes to the summit is taking shape. It only needs more boots-on-the-ground to really make it work though it's good as is.

After a half dozen hikes, I’ve still not finished exploring all the many trails in the area. I’ve done a bit of log removal and brush clearing and even a bit of tread work with one of the local guys, Tony. I can say that all logs across the trails and a lot of brush is now gone from all the routes shown on the following map. The different colors are tracks of some of the hikes I’ve made.

The map from the Gaia app:
Green 061922.jpg
The main route to the summit of the hill is shown in green and purple. Where the purple route takes a 90 degree right turn is the more challenging route and the green route is gentler and avoids a short section of cliffs but either should not be problem for anyone on the OH board.

The hikes are nearly entirely in mature forest, some mixed fir and maple and nearly all fir for the east side routes. The hike to the summit is mostly on old logging roads nicely converting to delightful green pathways.

There are two paved parking areas in close proximity off Boxwood St. with a total of 22 spots but I’ve yet to see more than four cars at once in either lot. Lots of street parking too, should this become more popular.

This affords the hiker with a nice and close-by option for a stroll in the woods with not much elevation gain but enough to give one at least a little exercise, and without driving too far, especially if you live in Clark Co.
I took Kelly up there a few days ago and she had a great time.

A few more photos:

Kel contemplating the more difficult route through the amphitheater:
Looking back from the previous photo:
Kel decided this was too easy so she bushwhacked over to a big rock cliff to check it out.
The main trail up the mountain proper starts out very wide and easy but comes to an abrupt change in about 3/10 mile. Take a 90 degree right and follow the white flags through an interesting amphitheater and an impressive cliff band. Or, go straight ahead, (the green track) again following the white flags and find a gentler way up. That puts you on an old logging road for a short distance, then a diagonal crossing of a powerline track. You will soon come to an isolated building surrounded by cyclone fencing. Continue along the fence and find a trail that will take you to another old logging road and that takes you right to the summit.

Kel found this fine rock at the summit at just had to get on top:
I opted for an easier summit rock a few dozen yards away:
Most of the route looks like this:
Note: the trailhead off of 28th street for the east side routes can only handle four or five cars at present.


2.5 miles out and back, 575' EG
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Re: Green Mountain, Clark Co.

Post by bobcat » June 21st, 2022, 5:55 am

Thanks for plotting out the routes there, Don. I look forward to visiting some time!

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Re: Green Mountain, Clark Co.

Post by jvangeld » June 21st, 2022, 8:31 am

Thanks, Don. It has been really exciting to see two public access points blossom recently.

I first tried to access Green Mountain through the golf course that used to be there. I called the club house the night before and got verbal permission to cross their lands. But when I showed up on a Saturday morning with my backpack and a walking stick, some official zoomed up in a golf cart and revoked the permission.

The next time was a success. I had noticed a gate leading West from SR 500 near the large equestrian center. So, on one of our nice long June evenings, I walked up to the nearby house and asked the nice old lady if I could go through it. She gave me permission and I had a nice long hike to the summit. I walked the roads from my house, so parking wasn't an issue.

Now we have some options that are even better.
Jeremy VanGelder - Friends of Road 4109

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