A few updates / clarifications for the Mount Sylvania Loop Hike

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A few updates / clarifications for the Mount Sylvania Loop Hike

Post by mark.waggoner » March 28th, 2021, 10:08 am

After doing the Mount Sylvania Loop Hike yesterday, I found that there were a few spots in the field guide that were unclear or no longer accurate. Here are some suggestions:
  • Make it clear that you need to walk to the bottom of the Mountain Park Church parking lot. There's a path down to the right at the top of the parking lot that could be confused with the desired path. The path leading down into the woods from the bottom of the parking lot has a sign labeled "Springbrook Trail, Trillium Trail"
  • At the Mountain Park grassy expanse, make it clear that you walk to the end of the grassy area before going right and proceeding uphill.
  • Where it says "reaches another pair of pedestrian/bike tunnels under Jefferson Parkway", say "go through another pair of pedestrian/bike tunnels..."
  • The Montgomery and Graham Insurance Company does not appear to be the owner/tenant of the building with the parking lot past the filbert orchard. There's really no sign of who is.
  • The road you cross going down Jefferson Parkway is no longer called Fosberg. It is now signed as Westlake Dr. The roadside you walk on past that point is pretty much a rough drainage ditch.
  • From G street, shortcutting across the campus to find the east entrance would be tough without a map. Even then, it's a little confusing because there is a street INSIDE the campus that is 49th Ave. It wasn't hard with google maps available, but really, once you are on G street, it isn't a shortcut to cross the campus.
Thanks for the guide! We certainly wouldn't have figured out how to make that loop without it!

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Re: A few updates / clarifications for the Mount Sylvania Loop Hike

Post by bobcat » March 28th, 2021, 3:46 pm

Thanks for this. Very useful and clear - I'll make the updates!

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