MT Hebo

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MT Hebo

Post by Solofemalehiker35 » February 12th, 2021, 8:19 pm

Visited Monday 2/8/2021
Pioneer Indian Trail # 1300 to Mt Hebo Transmitter Site, Mt. Hebo, Mt. Hebo View Point, South Point Transmitter Site, South Point, attempted North and South Lakes, Via Mt Hebo Horse TH and returned on NF-14/Mt Hebo Road 1400000. 9.78 miles with 1756ft elevation gain.
Parked at MT Hebo Horse TH, no other vehicles at the TH when I arrived at 4:50am. Mt Hebo Road is in good condition (some potholes and debris on the road). Mt. Hebo Road is also not maintained in the winter months (at mile 6.5 or 7, there is snow on the road. It gets deep near the summit). Road in was paved all the way to Mt Hebo TH and snow free. Mt. Hebo Horse TH is dirt with some snow on the outskirts. It's a big lollipop w/horse tie offs and parking enough for 2+ trailers or 10+ vehicles. It's free to park here and open 24/7 as there is no gate. No bathrooms at this TH, no handicap parking (not handicap accessible).
Information kiosk available at entrance of Pioneer Indian Trail access area.
Didn't see another person 💖 my whole hike, except for the drive out to the highway, saw 3 cars going in.
Looks like they have thinned the forrest in this area.
Pioneer Indian Trail was snow dusted trail, but maintained well. The portion I hiked to the first road junction was a steady incline. The trail is marked well with blazes on the trees. Make sure you have a map as there is no cell reception, except for in open sky spaces.
First viewpoint turn off is for South Point. Road is snow covered here. Great place to see the sunrise through the trees. South Point viewpoint is beyond the yellow gate. The snow past here is ankle deep in some spots.
MT Hebo Transmitter Site; Had the mountain all to myself! There is a plaque just before the towers. lots of parking for summer months, but in winter MT Hebo Road is not Maintained. There are 4 towers here and various buildings.
Mt. Hebo Summit/Viewpoint was Beautiful, but overcast views. There's snow up here. The roads to this view point are not maintained in winter. There is cell reception and parking available near by. Great campsites on the way up. This spot is not handicap accessible, nor is there any handicap parking. There are no bathrooms, nor trash on sight. Interesting history to this place. A must visit if you are in the area. Had this place all to myself!
Coming back to check out North and South lakes when there is less snow.
I hiked Mt Hebo Road to the next trail junction of Pioneer Indian Trail 1300 after checking out the summit. Pioneer Indian trail 1300 on the south side toward North and South Lakes was over ankle deep snow. I decided to turn around as I did not have snowshoes with me.
9.78 miles with 1756ft elevation gain.

Mt. Hebo
Mt. Hebo
Road to South Point
Indian Pioneer Trail to North and South Lake
Mt Hebo Summit
Mt Hebo Transmitter Site History
South Point views
Mt. Hebo Horse TH

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Re: MT Hebo

Post by klar55 » February 15th, 2021, 6:39 am

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