Help us backfill this forum!

This is a forum for trip reports that pre-date the Portland Hikers forum, trail photos from pre-digital era, or any other discussions that focus on trail history.
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Help us backfill this forum!

Post by Splintercat » April 3rd, 2011, 1:09 pm

Greetings Hiking Historians! Over the years, several "historical" topics have been posted on Portland Some examples:

- Historical photos that show trail history, or history related to an area (e.g., former lookouts, or current lookouts that are historic in nature).

- Trip reports from old photos (e.g., reports from the old Perdition Trail that was closed in the 1990s)

- Historical maps and hiking guides that related to modern trails (e.g., the old Lowe books, USGS sheets)

Some of these theme might overlap the "Lost Trails" forum a bit, but for this forum, the focus in on the history -- and especially YOUR history, as in old photos and recollections from hikes past.

You can help us backfill this new forum by pointing us to threads that you've started, or posted to, that contain historical info. Just contact me, or any moderator, with the thread link, and we'll move it. This will ensure that some of the great history threads that have been posted don't get buried in the hundreds of contemporary trip reports that get posted each year.

Thanks for your help, and enjoy the forum!

-Tom :)

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