Olympic Coast: Shi Shi to Rialto, May 15-17

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Olympic Coast: Shi Shi to Rialto, May 15-17

Post by cunningkeith » May 24th, 2023, 11:59 am

I finally completed the north section of the Olympic Coast from Shi Shi to Rialto. The entire 30+ miles stretch is amazing.

We came across this interesting vertebrae. I'm told it's probably a section from a gray whale, near the tail (see my trekking pole in the picture for scale).
In general we had to start early in the morning to get around headlands that lacked ropes. The section from Shi Shi to Ozette was the most difficult because the overland trails were overgrown/hard to follow (doesn't seem to get much traffic).

We crossed the Ozette River at about 2 ft. tide, which was fine.

The rest of the trip was normal Olympic coast stuff--slippery, beautiful--take it slow. No crowds on a spring Monday-Wednesday run.

We used Olympic Hiking Co. for the shuttle--highly recommend!

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