LaCamas Creek/Round Lake 2022-12-30

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LaCamas Creek/Round Lake 2022-12-30

Post by dmthomas49 » January 2nd, 2023, 7:14 am

Great time to hike a local Vancouver/Camas set of trails. I have about a 4.7 mile loop that I do starting at the St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church north parking lot.

The falls are really heavy right now making some great photos. The trails are not very muddy...

Pothole Falls
Pothole Falls.jpg
Lower Falls
Lower Falls.jpg

From today - Jan. 2:

Woodburn Falls
Woodburn Falls 2.jpg
Round Lake
Round Lake.jpg
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Chip Down
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Re: LaCamas Creek/Round Lake 2022-12-30

Post by Chip Down » January 2nd, 2023, 7:05 pm

Yep, I was there Jan 1, because wanted something close and snow-free.
The creeks are raging!
And indeed, much less mud than expected.
But swarming with people around nooninsh. I arrived unusually late for me, about 8, and had some peace for a few hours.

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Re: Lacamas Creek/Round Lake 2022-12-30

Post by wildcat » January 7th, 2023, 2:11 pm

Only the "L" in "Lacamas" is capitalised. Pronounced /lack-ə-məs/ (like "Clackamas" without the initial "C"), not /lə-camməs/.

Anyways. If any of you guys were there on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons last summer/early fall, we may have crossed paths. I was the tall dude almost invariably wearing a turquoise or bright orange triathlon suit (black shorts) and Chacos or barefoot, carrying an old gray Camelback backpack, and a single trekking pole. On at least one Saturday in early October I was there with Mr Bale.

I always tie my bike out on the rail between the dam and fish gate, for lack of docking facilities in Lacamas Park. So if you made your way towards the main park and saw this huge-ass Gravity mountain bike with dirt bike fenders and lights, and a white offroad helmet tied up, then for certain that I was there... somewhere.

I put a lot of footprints into the Round Lake trail system last year once the mosquito plague died off enough.
I have about a 4.7 mile loop that I do starting at the St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church north parking lot.
Do you use the wide main trail or do you hike the awesome side trails between it and the cliff until you get to the bridge?
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