Duffy lake 6/19/22

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Duffy lake 6/19/22

Post by sidehill » June 21st, 2022, 6:29 pm

Did a quick day trip to Duffy lake on Fathers day. First two miles of trail were mostly snow free, with small secctions of trail covered.
2022-06-19 11.13.54.jpg
The last mile and a half was mostly under snow. After crossing the North santiam river on a log just upstream from trail crossing, the trail is almost completely covered in snow the rest of the way.
2022-06-19 12.19.03.jpg
2022-06-19 11.37.43.jpg
Some of the drifts near the lake were 4 ft deep, but quite a bit of the lake shore was melted out. There were a couple of campsites not covered in snow or blowdown-there was significant amounts of new blowdown around the lake this year. Also of note-no bugs.
2022-06-19 14.12.51.jpg
2022-06-19 13.54.09.jpg

The hot weather in the forcast this weekend should speed up the meltout, but its gonna be a couple weeks before its a snow free hike in.

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