OCT South of Arch Cape 9/21/20: Windblown Mess (And Some Closed)

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OCT South of Arch Cape 9/21/20: Windblown Mess (And Some Closed)

Post by OneSpeed » September 22nd, 2020, 9:55 am

Tried to go south from Arch Cape on the OCT yesterday, and found this sign at the Shingle Mill Lane trailhead. I don't know where this would have been posted on the internet, but I didn't see it until I arrived.

Arch Cape OCT Closed.jpeg

There was a corresponding sign where the OCT crosses 101 a couple miles south. So I headed over to Falcon Cove Road, parked, and found there a sign saying "open but not maintained," which is an interesting combination.

I started south, hoping to at least make Short Sands, and in the first mile stepped over, around, or under close to 10 of these:

OCT Blowdown 1.jpeg
OCT Blowdown 2.jpeg
OCT Blowdown 6.jpeg

And then, as it started up over the hill, we hit these three within maybe a quarter mile.

OCT Blowdown 3.jpeg
OCT Blowdown 4.jpeg
OCT Blowdown 5.jpeg

Also this bit of perspective:


And that's when we bailed.

I assume all this happened on or about Labor Day, and I assume the hill would have been more exposed than the lower areas. But it's a mess. And with Trailkeepers of Oregon on limited options due to Covid, it could be next year before this section -- and who knows how many others? -- gets serious work.

We did get this nice little forest treat, though:


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