Chehalis River Discovery Trail 8/7/19

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Chehalis River Discovery Trail 8/7/19

Post by NacMacFeegle » August 12th, 2019, 10:13 pm


I happened to be in the Centralia area this past Wednesday, so I decided to check out this local trail. I was really surprised by how nice it was - it may start at the waste treatment plant, but that's not so bad as they've gone to great lengths to make that it appear to be just another farm with big red fake barns and silos disguising everything. It's also neither very loud (at least when we were there) nor is it at all smelly, despite the waste being used to fertilize the surrounding fields through which the trail passes. There were still flowers blooming along the river, and portions of the trail feel quite wild.

I'm eager to see this trail completed - eventually it will be a full 6 miles from end-to-end. As it is it is about 3.5 miles round trip if you hike both branches out and back. That's still a respectable for Southwest Washington!

I've also published a blog post with a bunch of photos: https://illuminationsfromtheattic.blogs ... trail.html

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