Hood: Barrett to Cathedral

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Chip Down
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Hood: Barrett to Cathedral

Post by Chip Down » June 24th, 2019, 7:53 pm

Park at Mazama trailhead, head up the ridgecrest offtrail as much as possible, cross over Timberline/PCT, veer left/SE towards Barret Spur to the end of the easy BS hike (a little notch around 7300'), then find the fastest/easiest route to Cathedral Ridge, most likely gaining ridgecrest at a gentle pass around 7300' (curiously about the same elevation as the Barrett notch).

I was planning to take a break from St Helens and try a new route on the east side of Hood, but a PM discussion rejuvenated my interest in this route between Cathedral and Barrett. He wanted to go clockwise; I preferred CCW. With no firm plans, we agreed that it would be nice if we met in the middle somewhere, but no promises. Due to time/route differences, we didn't meet. I hope he'll post about his adventure.

With off-trail plans early in the hike, I got a late start, knowing I'd need daylight right away. Lower Cathedral Ridge was awful: brush, fire damage, not enough snow to allow easier passage. I cheated, mostly using the trail. After crossing PCT and picking a route towards Barrett, I happened to look back and notice a sign on a tree. I was just above Cairn Basin, which means I could have just followed the trail here. Oh well. I followed the Ladd drainage up, entirely on snow, right up to Barrett, then up parallel to Barrett on the west side, almost to the Coe/Ladd Glacier confluence, then down Ladd towards Cathedral. When I hit the crest of a moraine which I now realize must be the Glisan/Ladd moraine (aka Gladd Ridge) I was surprised to discover the west side is long/steep/crumbly. I didn't feel comfortable descending into Glisan. I was at the high end of Gladd Moraine, so I could eather go up and ascend the steepening ridge, or I could follow the moraine crest down. I chose up. It was fun and scenic, and eventually I reached a point where I could safely drop a few feet onto Glisan. Crossing easy snow and rock, I soon arrived on Cathedral a bit above goal, and dropped down the crest to a open flat saddle where one could easily drop to Sandy Glacier, if so inclined. Descent was initially vie Cathedral crest (more fun than expected), and then via snow on the east/Glisan side, to avoid crowds and to allow fun glissading.

Swarming on the trails, but up high I saw just a solo climber coming down Cathedral (higher than me) and a team of humans+dog who crossed from Cathedral to Gladd.

Perfect early summer day, some clouds to enhance scenery early and late, clear when I needed it to be (mid-day). Snow was firm enough, rarely sloppy. Carried crampons, never used. Carried axe, used infrequently. With new white snow, it was pretty, but insanely bright.

Marmots. Been seeing more than usual this year.

There was a note on my windshield when I arrived back at the TH. What fun! Somebody must have recognized my car and left a friendly note for me. But no, turns out I inappropriately shared my music with somebody when I was getting ready to leave my car in the morning. Ouch. I hate jackasses who think they have the right to impose their music on everybody else, so I was embarrassed to find myself in that category. Wasn't deliberate though. I had parked about as far as possible from the campers, kept my door closed on that side, and turned my music way down. Surprised it bothered them. Realizing I can't trust my judgement in such matters, I guess I should refrain from any trailhead music from now on.
Hood as seen from crest of Cathedral Ridge, offtrail. Route marked with red stars.
I haven't been on this trail in along time. I imagine this must have been the Dollar Lake fire.
Kept trying to get snow/sky pics. Damn mountain kept photobombing me.
High on Gladd Ridge.
Almost to goal, just a short descent on that rubble.
In lieu of GPS, I offer my footprints coming down from the Barrett/Pulpit gap.
At goal now, looking back at Barrett notch.
glacier spider
route connects B and C

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Re: Hood: Barrett to Cathedral

Post by mjirving » June 25th, 2019, 4:57 am

Dang, I missed the opportunity to help you with that beer! While I didn’t see you, I saw your tracks. Stay tuned for the perspective from the opposite way. I’m impressed with your self-reflection on the note. Most people would probably just blame it on the others. Particularly with their less than friendly approach with the note.


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retired jerry
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Re: Hood: Barrett to Cathedral

Post by retired jerry » June 25th, 2019, 5:29 am

Nice, I've done that at lower elevation

Was the Timberline Trail still snow covered?

I bet it's thinking about melting out

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Re: Hood: Barrett to Cathedral

Post by mjirving » June 25th, 2019, 5:52 am

Melted up the the Climber’s route to McNeil Point, ~80% covered to the normal McNeil trail cutoff and it looks pretty much fully covered with a couple feet of snow on up the Timberline Trail after that.

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