September 14th-19th hiking/climbing

Post your plans for upcoming hikes and invite others! Look for hiking partners
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September 14th-19th hiking/climbing

Post by mattykyle11 » June 1st, 2019, 6:27 pm

Hey, I will be in the area for 2 weeks and taking an Alpine class, and after the class i'm looking to do a few easier climbs in the area for a week or so. Mt. Adams, etc, just to get some practice in and looking for someone or multiple people to join. Any suggestions i'm open to! Thanks and looking forward to doing some hikes and camping up in the NW!

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Re: September 14th-19th hiking/climbing

Post by Aimless » June 1st, 2019, 6:57 pm

Welcome. Just a note here. Based on the past four or five years, it is always smart to have more plans and ideas for places to go than you will have time for. Weather can be anything from simply fabulous to rather nasty in mid-September. Fires, or just smoke from more distant fires, can close large areas or make them untenable. Have a Plan B or a Plan C to fall back on. And enjoy your time in the PNW! September can be a month when outsiders come here and decide they've found paradise -- of course, they have, but not quite in the way they imagine when they see this place at its delightful, mellow best.

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