Mt Adams camp

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Mt Adams camp

Post by drm » April 1st, 2019, 10:06 am

A friend and I skiied up the road that leads to the South Climb and camped on a melted out spot about 6 miles in. As of this weekend, the road is still snowed in from the bottom, but the snow is thin. This week's rains may melt out quite a bit of it.

We had mostly cloudy conditions on Saturday with the tiniest amount of rain, and glorious sun on Sunday. We did a detour to Mt Adams Horse Camp for lunch on the way back.
fr8040 1.jpg
fr8040 2.jpg
looking south from below a dark cloud
fr8040 3.jpg
setting sun
fr8040 4.jpg
I learned that phones don't do good star shots
fr8040 5.jpg
sunrise - still clear!
fr8040 6.jpg
hiked a bit of the frozen road for a better view
fr8040 7.jpg
from Mt Adams Horse Camp

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