Ice Lake to Razz Lake, Eagle Cap

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Re: Ice Lake to Razz Lake, Eagle Cap

Post by Samsquatch » August 7th, 2018, 7:41 pm

Thanks for the info. I had a great trip last week. After climbing Eagle Cap, I hiked over to Horseshoe lake and tried to find the Razz lake trail. I couldn't find it, so I tried to follow the drainage up towards Razz lake. After a few hundred feet of climbing, I decided that it wouldn't be worth the effort and risk to attempt this route. I ended up hiking down to the west fork and back up Adams Creek canyon to Ice lake. That wasn't bad at all. Looking from the Ice lake side up to the gap between Razz and Kraig, it looked easy enough to descend, but finding the route up the other side deep in the trees was tough enough that I feel that I made the right choice.

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