Lake Wapiki

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Lake Wapiki

Post by drm » August 18th, 2017, 12:37 pm

A friend and I did a quick overnighter at Lake Wapiki in the eastern Indian Heaven last night. I wanted to test my Thermacell in a more, um, challenging environment than I've used it in so far (Thermacell is essentially a butane-powered mosquito coil - nothing burns, but it uses the same chemical). Unfortunately that didn't pan out as there were almost no bugs! That might have been because the west wind was just howling almost the entire time. But even when sheltered by trees or on those rare moments when the wind died down, there are almost no mosquitoes.
wap17 1.jpg
northern lobe of Lake Wapiki
wap17 2.jpg
We got the peninsula camp, that's my camp buddy
wap17 3.jpg
two little duckies on neighboring pond
wap17 4.jpg
getting ready to dive!
There was a reroute of the junction where the 34A takes off from 34 to go to the lake. Now 34 follows what was 34A before, and 34 branches off to the right an eighth mile later. Probably better for water flow, and also makes for a better loop if you want to scramble up to the ridge from the lake and take the trail back.
wap17 5.jpg
old closed junction
wap17 6.jpg
New junction

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Re: Lake Wapiki

Post by romann » August 22nd, 2017, 10:29 pm

2 of the lakes in IHW with most mosquitoes I saw were Acker and Chenamus. But it should get better by now.

I heard Wapiki can get lots of them, too.

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