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Read before posting to this forum

Posted: August 8th, 2008, 4:48 pm
by phadmin
Hello fellow hikers!

Just a few notes before posting to the "Trail Q&A" forum.

This forum is for any questions you might have about trails and trail conditions. While we never discourage someone from asking a question, you might do a quick search through recent questions and trip reports to see if perhaps your question may have been answered already. Nevertheless we'll do our best to find the answer if you can't.

You'll want to have a meaningful subject line for your post. Posts with a subject like "I have a question" tend not to get as much attention as things like "Is there a McDonalds on the top of Mount Defiance?"

Don't be too discouraged if no one responds right away. People are very good about answering questions here, but sometimes things get overlooked and buried among dozens of other posts, so sometimes a bit of patience and persistence pays off.

Please do not post your question in multiple forums. That really doesn't provide any advantage for you - at least on this website.

Don't forget to "pay if forward". If someone helps you, be sure to check back in this forum for questions that you might be able to answer for someone else!

Before posting to this or any forum on the site, be sure to review the forum guidelines.

We are proud of the fact our site is very welcoming and family friendly. Please help us keep it that way! :)

Thank you!

The moderators