Getting a Central Cascades Wilderness Overnight Permit

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Getting a Central Cascades Wilderness Overnight Permit

Post by retired jerry » August 16th, 2021, 1:56 pm

This is pretty obvious, but since I just did it I'll mention a couple things

You have to get a permit online to do overnight in Three Sisters or Mt Jefferson. The number is restricted (because the Forest Service has lost their mind in my opinion)

Go to Then click on "Central Cascades Wilderness Overnight Permits - 7 Days in Advance", "check availaibility", then "Three Sisters" or "Mt Jefferson".

At 7 AM each day they release permits. If you check immediately at 7 AM, and you're lucky, there will be something available for 7 days out. Experiment beforehand to figure out how it works, so at 7 AM you can quickly select a date.

I wanted to do Lava Lake trailhead but there were none available so I did Scott Pass trailhead instead which was just as good.

But when I drove to Lava Lake trailhead there was hardly anyone there. And few people hiking.

Except that it was mobbed by thru hikers but that's another story. Good to see people experiencing the PCT.

I ran into someone that recognized me. Always good to run into people. He brought up the permit restrictions. He thought it was a good idea - much better to hike when there are few others and it is possible to get a permit 7 days out. We agreed to disagree :)

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