Angel's - Devil's Rest loop from Wahkeena?

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Angel's - Devil's Rest loop from Wahkeena?

Post by squidvicious » October 26th, 2020, 4:43 pm

Trying to figure out if this is (1) technically open, and (2) reasonably hikeable. There are still some closure maps up that show the section of #415 trail between Wahkeena Springs and Angel's Rest as closed, but on the FS website it just lists the trail as open, with no qualifiers about sections being closed. I'm getting the idea that it's maybe not actually forbidden at this point, but discouraged because it hasn't been maintained/cleared?

I see a couple tracks posted on alltrails that seem to show people going through there recently, plus one post of someone apparently complaining how horrible that stretch was, but I have no context for whether it's genuinely terrible or more like the "messy but passable" that that stretch so often is. I'm good climbing over and around a bunch of down trees, but I'm not into having to force my way through a whole scratchy forest of branches, or stuff that's outright dangerous to get past. I do know it's not the place to be in high winds.

Also wondering about conditions on the Foxglove stretch between Angel's and Devil's.

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Re: Angel's - Devil's Rest loop from Wahkeena?

Post by walrus » October 26th, 2020, 6:30 pm

It is open. I hiked it a couple of weeks ago.

Foxglove is fine.

The AR <-->Wahkeena trail could use some work, but is passable. The people who went through when it first opened did a lot of the work to beat back the 6+ months of thicket growth. One spot with blowdown, but easily navigable.

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Re: Angel's - Devil's Rest loop from Wahkeena?

Post by rubiks » October 26th, 2020, 8:03 pm

September 28 there was a map posted at the Wahkeena Springs side declaring that trail #415 to Angel's Rest was closed. I don't recall seeing a closure sign for the trail to Devil's Rest.

That was the state a month ago, it may well be back open by now.
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