Road to Grassy Knoll gated (from Carson)

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Road to Grassy Knoll gated (from Carson)

Post by Walkin' Fool » January 6th, 2020, 1:25 pm

[With the current snow, this is probably a moot point for now, but might be useful in the future].

Last Friday I was going to hike to Big Huckleberry from the Grassy Knoll TH, assuming I could get to (or near) the TH with the snow levels at the time. I was surprised to find Bear Creek Rd/FR 6808 gated just a few miles off of Wind River Rd, and long before any snow. The Forest Service website doesn't mention this, just that the road is under snow in winter and not maintained. I feel like they usually state when there's a winter gate (like with Falls Creek Falls), but maybe I'm wrong, and unmentioned winter gates are common?

I did call the ranger station to see if that's an annual winter gate, or if this was some special situation, and the person I spoke with was not familiar with that particular closure. I do know there are some closures due to logging activities in Gifford Pinchot, but couldn't find anything saying Bear Creek Rd/FR 6808 was impacted.

(Our alternative hike - making tracks up to Red Mt Lookout - didn't suck though!)

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Re: Road to Grassy Knoll gated (from Carson)

Post by bushwhacker » January 8th, 2020, 7:18 am

Here's a PDF that shows what roads are theoretically closed seasonally. There's a whole section under 'Seasonal and Special Vehicle Designations' for closed roads. One of the roads listed is your 6808 (official name 6808000). Some must be gated while others are probably not.

Interesting section in this document about 'Dispersed Camping' for those wondering about dispersed camping at trail heads. Wonder if sleeping in ones car is considered 'dispersed camping'? ... 490922.pdf

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Re: Road to Grassy Knoll gated (from Carson)

Post by cfm » January 8th, 2020, 3:50 pm

There is a seasonal closure of the roads in the Triangle Pass area. On the Willard side the 6800 which leads up to Triangle Pass along Lost Creek has a gate stating the closure is from Dec 1-Apr 1 for wildlife habitat.

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Re: Road to Grassy Knoll gated (from Carson)

Post by drm » January 8th, 2020, 7:23 pm

Yes, sleeping in your car is dispersed camping. I think that sleeping anywhere within the NF that is not a campground or in a building is dispersed camping of one sort or another.

Yeah, folks need to realize that FS staffing levels plummet some time in Sept or Oct and they can't just wait till the snow gets too deep. They have to do things like close gates on a schedule so they can plan the staffing time to do it. And even where they have staff, if a surprise storm comes in, then they can no longer drive to the gate to close it, or snow may be in the way.

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