How bad is Road 4610?

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How bad is Road 4610?

Post by justpeachy » September 24th, 2019, 8:12 am

If I want to do the 10-mile hike to Sheepshead Rock and Salmon Mountain I need to drive Road 4610 to the trailhead at the old Twin Springs Campground. The field guide says it is 10.5 miles and "narrow, potholed, and rutted". Is it like that for the whole 10.5 miles? I think I remember someone describing it once as "grueling". I've driven Sherar Burn Road and Elk Lake Road (east of Detroit), and of course Road 4109 to Silver Star (never again). I'm guessing 4610 is as bad as, if not worse than, those.

I drive an Outback.

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Re: How bad is Road 4610?

Post by BurnsideBob » September 24th, 2019, 8:06 pm

I did that hike (Salmon Mtn Lookout Site), yeesh, 10 years ago!??

I don't remember the road being particularly potholed and rutted. I was driving an Accura Integra, which is a very low slung vehicle. What I do remember was the roadside vegetation encroaching upon the road, giving the impression that the road was little-used and a low priority for maintenance. Of course that was then and this is now, so the road may have deteriorated.

Given the road conditions I wondered what the trail would look like. It turned out to be in good shape with no blow downs and I even met other hikers. The insulators and some of the phone line that served the lookout were still present from the trail junction to the lookout site. Not much for views--too many trees to see the forest except at the lookout site.

I'd give it a go with an Outback--just have a backup destination in case the road is too much.


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Re: How bad is Road 4610?

Post by RobFromRedland » September 25th, 2019, 4:24 am

The beginning of the road (the first few miles) are pretty good - it goes to an OHV area, but after that it gets progressively worse. There are a few spots that have gotten worse each winter (runoff washouts). You can almost assuredly get there in an outback, but I wouldn't go that far in an Acura any more. It does have some pretty brushy segments as well, so factor that in if you don't want scratches.
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Re: How bad is Road 4610?

Post by jime » September 27th, 2019, 3:06 pm

I drove up there last fall (Nissan Rogue AWD). Much of the road was not too bad. Lower section has many potholes that slow you down. However, the upper section of the road has some steeper sections with major gullies which you need to straddle. Higher clearance helpful here. My concern was that if my wheels slipped into a deep gully and I didn't have enough clearance, then I'd be in trouble. It can be navigated, but will depend on your comfort level.

The trail to Sheepshead Rock is good. The spur to Salmon Mountain is somewhat brushy.

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