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Green Mountain (Camas) 2-2-24

Posted: February 4th, 2024, 4:47 pm
by bobcat
The Green Mountain Open Space is on the far northeast corner of Camas, Washington, covering the forested summit area of a Boring volcano and its long, gradual east slope. I revisited the area to check out the system after volunteers have erected signage and formalized the trail system.

From the small parking lot at the swimming pool off N. 93rd Lane, I followed a paved and then gravel trail along the base of the hill. The rough, steep, and treacherous connector that once came down the cliff from above has now been decommissioned. The trail becomes natural surface as it rises through the woods. I took the short spur to a viewpoint at the top of a cliff in the powerline corridor. A new section jinks right short of a pump station; the original route followed the fence line there.

Beginning of trail, Green Mountain.jpeg
Base of the slope, Green Mountain.jpeg
Open Space sign, Green Mountain.jpeg
Scarlet elf cup (Sarcoscypha coccinea), Green Mountain.jpeg
Viewpoint junction, Green Mountain.jpeg
Cliffs at viewpoint, Green Mountain.jpeg

Soon, I joined an old road bed that took me up to the summit area, which now is well signed. Here, the trail that led down to private property at the power lines has been blocked off. Completing the viewless summit loop, I followed a new connector down the slope to the trail system on Green Mountain’s east side.

Old road bed, Green Mountain.jpeg
Summit Loop junction, Green Mountain.jpeg
Summit, Green Mountain.jpeg
Descending the connector, Green Mountain.jpeg
View to Larch Mountain, Green Mountain.jpeg

I first followed the powerline corridor east to the northeast corner of the property and turned back into the woods. No Hunting signs have been posted along the route. I took the central trails back through the forest and then took the connector back up over the summit and down to the parking lot.

At the powerlines, Green Mountain East.jpeg
Powerline corridor, Green Mountain East.jpeg
East end gate, Green Mountain East.jpeg
East boundary fence, Green Mountain East.jpeg
On the center trail, Green Mountain East.jpeg

This was about 7¾ miles in all. All the trails seem well used and are brushed out and easy to follow. On the way back, I met five or six people from the neighborhood, a couple with dogs, coming up the west side trail.

Re: Green Mountain (Camas) 2-2-24

Posted: February 4th, 2024, 5:26 pm
by Don Nelsen
Thanks for giving Green Mountain some well-deserved publicity. Nice what just a few volunteers can do in such a short time.