10-29-23 Blue Box Trail in the snow

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10-29-23 Blue Box Trail in the snow

Post by ChrisA » November 5th, 2023, 6:58 pm

After hearing about some snow near Government Camp, the dog and I decided on a snow trip. Roads were clear and the parking lot at Frog Lake had been plowed, although it probably would have melted on its own. We started on the PCT and went across Highway 26 and followed the PCT until the Blue Box trail. All the trails were well signed. The snow got deeper as we ventured on. Since there was no one on the trail before us, it was a bit tricky to follow. There was an elk track that stayed remarkably on trail. We did lose the trail at one spot where the snow had caused some rhody branches to obscure the trail. We came to the junction of Forest Road 220 and decided to follow the road for a bit instead of the trail. We came to FR 221 and followed that to the end. At this location we came across some larches showing their fall color. It was a very enjoyable day in the powdery snow.
Blue sky and snow!
Elk track next to my footprint.
This was the best we could get of Mount Hood.
Larch tree.
Larch, firs and snow.

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Re: 10-29-23 Blue Box Trail in the snow

Post by Splintercat » November 14th, 2023, 6:18 pm

Great idea for an early snowfall hike! Nice that there were some larches in there, too. Thanks!

Tom :)

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