10-21-23 Monte Cristo Trail 53 from North.

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10-21-23 Monte Cristo Trail 53 from North.

Post by ChrisA » November 5th, 2023, 6:43 pm

It was a long drive but very nice and relaxing up to Trout Lakes and then to the trailhead. Beautiful scenery on the way. The forest roads in this area were in very nice condition. There was a sign about 1/4 mile or so before the trailhead stating that the road was narrow and rocky with no room for trailer turnarounds.
We had the trail to ourselves and enjoyed a sunny warm day. There were some steep up and downs. We turned around at the lookout site. As we set up for lunch on our way back. our dog decided to dig into a yellow jacket nest. We quickly moved and escaped without any stings. There were views of Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood. The trail was in very good shape, although a little brushy in spots.
I love these open ridges.
Mount Hood view.
Mount St Helens in the distance.
Mount Adams was the star attraction.

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Re: 10-21-23 Monte Cristo Trail 53 from North.

Post by bobcat » November 10th, 2023, 9:01 am

Good trip! I still have to do Monte Cristo from the north. Good to know that trail is kept up.

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