Zigzag Mountain Trail

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Sugar Pine
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Zigzag Mountain Trail

Post by Sugar Pine » September 11th, 2023, 5:44 pm

There were sections of the Zigzag Mountain trail I had not hiked, so completed a one-way hike of the entire trail, starting at Timberline Lodge and ending at West Zigzag trailhead. Sections of this trail appear to be seldom trod on by any hikers. The trail between the Paradise Park and Burnt Lake trails was very overgrown with bear grass and huckleberry bushes, although sadly, very few huckleberries and far too late for bear grass blooms. West of West Zigzag Mtn rhododendrons overflowed onto the trail.
Passed a lot of backpackers heading from Paradise Park to Timberline, but only saw 2 other hikers the rest of the day, at East Zigzag Mtn. I attempted to eat lunch atop East Zigzag Mtn but was tormented by large flies circling too close for comfort. Didn't have a problem with the flies before or after.
Nice forest hike, but timing a trip when the rhododendrons or bear grass is blooming would be preferable.
burnt lake.jpg
View from East Zigzag Mtn
Zigzag Canyon
Overgrown trail

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Re: Zigzag Mountain Trail

Post by bobcat » September 15th, 2023, 9:13 am

I was on that brushy section a couple of decades ago. At least it doesn't look worse! What about blowdown?

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