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Mt. Bachelor (9 Sep 2023)

Posted: September 11th, 2023, 3:33 pm
by ACuteSushi
Start: West Village, just East of Pine Marten Ski Lift

Parking: Large, paved lot. No passes (that I was aware of)

Distance: 6.5 miles RT

Gain: 2,700'

Summit: 9,000'

Directions: Followed blue/gold "summit trail" signs on a service road for 1/2 mile. Blue/gold sign pointed right up a trail on the right side. Followed trail to top of ski lift just below summit (crossing a few service roads). At top of ski lift at 8,900', went right to summit.

Conditions: No snow, low wind. Trail was moderately steep and full of big rocks on the second half. The trail crossed a ditch full of exposed pipes. When I came back down the blue/gold signs had been replaced with "trail closed for maintenance" signs.

Worth it?: Yes