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Lake Toke Tie, Lake Sebago (Indian Heaven) 9-7-23

Posted: September 9th, 2023, 2:36 pm
by bobcat
I managed to convince Don Nelsen that we needed to go to Indian Heaven to visit the last two named lakes I had never been (Toke Tie and Sebago). When he looked at his Gaia map tracks, he realized he had never seen them either. It also turned out that this was his birthday, and instead of the call of the wild, he kept receiving one birthday call after another throughout the day! (I have to admit I’m a little jealous that so many people actually cared.)

We used the Thomas Lake Trailhead and hiked that trail as far as Rock Lake, noting the abundance of three species of huckleberry ripe for the plucking. We took the route heading due east from Rock Lake and soon reached the old route of the PCT. The burnt scalp of East Crater loomed ahead, and we thrashed a short distance cross-country to reach it.

Buckbean at Heather Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Naha Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Don at the causeway, Rock Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
At Rock Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Junction meadow east of Rock Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Heading up to the PCT from the junction meadow, Indian Heaven.jpeg

Don convinced me that we needed to go up the west slope of East Crater to visit a little lake he had touched base with in the past. It’s surrounded by the 2017 burn but a few conifers are standing along its shore. Since we were all about names on the day, we have now christened it Kelly Lake.

Gifford Peak from Kelly Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
North shore of Kelly Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Don at Kelly Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg

We headed down the PCT and picked a spot to bushwhack to Lake Toke Tie. Pretty soon, we were on a cliff and had to detour around it. Toke Tie is a pretty body of water - and, yes, Toke Tie (or Toketee) is Chinook Jargon for “pretty.” There was someone camped on the west shore. He told us a quicker way to get back to the PCT, essentially a short distance southwest up to a small meadow and then due west up the slope to the PCT.

Lake Toke Tie, Indian Heaven.jpeg
The west shore of Lake Toke Tie, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Looking to East Crater from Lake Toke Tie, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Meadow above Lake Toke Tie, Indian Heaven.jpeg

Once on the PCT, we met a couple of thru hikers and a pair of ladies from Corvallis who were day hiking from their camp at Junction Lake. We exchanged conversation as we hiked south until we got distracted by the fairly big nameless lake just below the PCT. We parted from the trail again and named that body of water Lake Susan.

Susan Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
At Susan Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg

Finally we reached Blue Lake and then kept south reach the ridge north of Lake Sebago. We decided to sidehill up the south slope of the ridge, with the lake’s outlet and ravine to our left. In no time, we were at the Lake Sebago, a dark but pristine little expanse nestled below the eastern cliffs of Gifford Peak. Apparently, Sebago is named after the deepest lake in Maine and, in the Abenaki language, means “like the sea,” which this Lake Sebago is definitely not. We circled the lake and took an easy course back down to the PCT on the south side of the ravine.

North shore of Lake Sebago, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Northern red-legged frog, Lake Sebago, Indian Heaven.jpeg
View north across Lake Sebago, Indian Heaven.jpeg
The cliffs of Gifford Peak, Lake Sebago, Indian Heaven.jpeg

Then it was a peaceful lunch at Blue Lake and back along the Thomas Lake Trail. We took a diversion to the south end of Lake Umtux, and stopped for huckleberry picking several times, using a couple of tubs my wife had provided with the endearing request, “Don’t show your face until you’ve filled these.” Since the other two lakes we’d named had been after women in Don’s life, I insisted we tarry at the tarn opposite Brader Lake, which I have now dubbed Lake Juliette (after my granddaughter).

Little bay on Blue Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
New sign at PCT junction, Blue Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Looking across Blue Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Blue Lake and Gifford Peak, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Don at Lake Umtux, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Meadow on the Thomas Lake Trail, Indian Heaven.jpeg
Lake Juliette, opposite Brader Lake, Indian Heaven.jpeg

Re: Lake Toke Tie, Lake Sebago (Indian Heaven) 9-7-23

Posted: September 9th, 2023, 7:39 pm
by Don Nelsen
Thanks for the fine report and great photos! It was a pleasure to hike with you.

A few of my pics:

Thomas Lake:

Naha Lake:

The tarn on the SW slope of East Crater, now dubbed Kelly Lake.

Toke Tie Lake:

Toke Tie Lake

Lake Susan, east of PCT and South of Toke Tie

Blue Lake:

Lake Sebago:

Umtux Lake:

Lake Juliette: NE of Brader Lake.