2023-03-14 Multnomah Creek - Larch Mt. Attempt (Post Hole City)

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2023-03-14 Multnomah Creek - Larch Mt. Attempt (Post Hole City)

Post by JustinFromVancouver » March 16th, 2023, 12:12 pm

I started out with the intent to get to Sherad Point on Larch Mountain. It got pretty snowy and that snow got pretty melty. Around 2000 foot elevation after some post holing I paused for a snack and to consider my options. I knew it was time to turn around when, not moving and my pack off, I suddenly fell through a trap door (double post-holed almost to my waist). It was not easy to get back on the surface again. I'm sure it would have been quite comical watching me fall and then struggle to swim out of the snow.

Now from the beginning of the hike: Parked at the Wahkeena trailhead and took the 0.6 mile connector trail over to Multnomah Lodge to climb up the nice paved Multnomah Falls trail. Multnomah Falls was showing great form.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 12 photo.jpg
Multnomah Falls
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 13 photo.jpg
Mossy Rocks and snow-free trail dirt
Trail was mostly snow free other than a few small intermittent patches up until the Multnomah-Wahkeena junction.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 14 photo.jpg
Multnomah Creek and rocky trail
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 15 photo.jpg
Cool orange fungi peeking out from a snowy log
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 17 photo.jpg
Snow remains on bridge crossing Multnomah creek
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 19 photo.jpg
Moss, lichen, and fungi on a stump
On the Larch Mountain trail, shortly after the Wahkeena trail junction, I put on my microspikes and kept them on until I got back to this area on the return trip. It was compact and icy for a mile or so, then around the wilderness boundary the nice compact snow/ice turned into melty snow/slush for a mile or so. Then it turned to deeper and deeper snow that was softer and softer. I mostly stayed on top of the snow while avoiding old frozen post holes from previous hikers. The creek and surrounding environment was really cool with a layer of snow on it.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 11 photo.jpg
Creek and snowy logs
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 18 photo.jpg
Creek with snowy logs and burned snags
There were parts of the trail that would have been hard to follow if there weren't already hiker tracks. I did pretty well keeping my feet mostly dry despite the trail being more of a creek than a trail in a few spots.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 2 photo.jpg
Snowy Trail
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 5 photo.jpg
Wet Trail
Saw a pair of American Dippers at the spot where Multnomah Creek forks. Saw them again on the return hike and caught one on camera.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 6 photo.jpg
Forky the American Dipper at the Multnomah Creek fork
After hiking 4.8 miles to 2000' elevation (0.6 miles on connector trail, then 4.2 miles up from Multnomah Lodge), I was at the point I mentioned at the top of the post where I ended up turning around after the sudden post hole trap door.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 20 photo.jpg
Post hole city
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 8 photo.jpg
Hiker Shadow in the snow
A raft of insects in a puddle on trail caught my eye. The internet has me convinced they are springtails. I took a 30 second video of them that I think is pretty cool and shows how springy they are. If anyone has a good way to attach videos to trip reports that would be sweet to hear about. I don't think I want to go through the trouble of posting the video to youtube.
14March2023 Larch Mountain Attempt 9 photo.jpg
Springtail raft
All in all this was a very enjoyable sunny morning to be on trail. Here is a screenshot of the track captured by Strava and viewed in FATMAP. I was recently introduced to FATMAP and I'm loving it even with just the free version.
Strava track.PNG
Strava/FATMAP track

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Re: 2023-03-14 Multnomah Creek - Larch Mt. Attempt (Post Hole City)

Post by retired jerry » March 16th, 2023, 12:57 pm

thanks for report

I feel spring is coming

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