Fish Lake (Ollallie Lake Area)

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Fish Lake (Ollallie Lake Area)

Post by longboard16 » October 23rd, 2022, 8:30 pm

Been on several hikes the last few weeks so this is first of several trip reports. The trip to Fish Lake was in part just to see what the area looked like after the fires, as access just open up in August. Normally the trailheads to Fish Lake are accessed either via Lower Lake Campground or from the Si Lake trail from the North side of Fish Lake. I've been on both trails but went ahead and "cheated" and took the forest roads to get there with the last few miles on FS Road 4691. That goes under the big power lines and gets you close to Fish Lake. That makes a very short hike to the lake but prevented observing what shape the actual trails were in.

Perhaps two-thirds of the area around Fish Lake was burnt. One of the campsites on the west side of the outlet creek (Surprise Creek) appeared to be intact. Work my way around just a small part of the lake as I was by myself and it was getting late, some down trees to deal with and some trees creaking in the wind. Next time (next year) I'll head back in there from Lower Lake TH and get a much better look at things.

Below are a few pictures of Fish Lake as well as some at or near Olallie just to show the burns.
Fish Lake 2022 east shoreline
Fish Lake 2022, looking at east side
Looking at east side of Fish Lake 2019
Oh yeah, Olallie Trout
First Lake.JPG
First Lake September 2021
Head Lake.jpg
Head Lake September 2021 which was scorched
Olallie Lake.JPG
Ollie Lake September 2021

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Re: Fish Lake (Ollallie Lake Area)

Post by bobcat » November 1st, 2022, 8:06 am

I appreciate this report. Good to see an update with some details about the Olallie area.

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