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Nick Eaton Gordon Ridge Loop

Posted: September 17th, 2022, 7:12 am
by Sugar Pine
Hiked the Nick Eaton - Gorton Creek loop counterclockwise, to hike uphill on the very steep Nick Eaton trail. Got a late start and because it was cloudy, I did not go out to Indian Point, peak 3152, or Ridge Camp. The Gorton Creek trail is heavily overgrown after leaving the burn and above the Deadwood trail junction. The Nick Eaton has more blowdown above the Deadwood trail junction also.
View from Nick Eaton Ridge.
Hoards of crickets (?) along Nick Eaton before the Deadwood Junction.
Nick Eaton mostly through burn.
Another Columbia River view.
Rocky top of Nick Eaton. More blowdown in this area, mostly small.
Casey Creek trail junction. Would not have noticed the trail had I not seen the sign.
Bear scat below Nick Eaton - Gorton Creek junction.
Nice view of rocky Nick Eaton ridge from Gorton Creek trail.
Only fall colors along the route.
Logged 13 miles, 3968' elevation gain. It was 5.7 miles to the Nick Eaton - Gorton Creek junction going up the Nick Eaton, so a bit steeper. The hike would likely be more interesting with spring/summer wildflowers or after the leaves turn in fall.