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Santiam Highway Update

Posted: June 14th, 2022, 10:20 am
by Sugar Pine
Tried to do a couple of short hikes along the Santiam Highway.
Hackleman Grove was signed "Trail closed due to hazards". "Will reopen after July 15, 2022".
The House Rock Falls loop was closed , although there is a reroute along Santiam Wagon Road to get to the waterfall.
There is quite a bit of snow at Tombstone Pass, starting at about 3900' elevation.
There is a tree blocking the road to Echo Basin, close to the trailhead.
I spent some time walking around the Fish Lake Interpretive Site. All the buildings were closed, but it was interesting. I never found the dynamite shed shown on the map. Perhaps I didn't walk far enough.
Collection of old signs at Fish Lake
Wide and gentle wagon road / ski trail