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Eagle Creek 4.24.22

Posted: April 28th, 2022, 10:58 am
by BaileyBoy
Spectacular warm day at Eagle Creek last Sunday. Surprisingly not too crowded but be aware the EC exit is closed for construction. We came from Portland and took Exit 40 and drove to the Tooth Rock TH. Well, actually we parked about 1/2 mile from the TH since the exit road was full of cars with one leaving when we pulled in. So we parked there and began the trek the the Tooth Rock TH and then on to the Eagle Creek TH after a stop at the portable toilet at the Fish Hatchery.
When we arrived at the TH we were surprised to see 5 vehicles parked there, hmmmm how did they get here. We finally surmised they drove up the exit ramp but turns out someone moved the barricade at the EC exit so they actually drove in the normal route.
We've been to EC many times but not the past few years so we had forgotten how beautiful it is in there, especially on a warm, sunny day in the spring. Everyone we met had a smile on their face and were very friendly.
The trail work that has been completed was very well done, some amazing walls installed on the canyon side of the trail that must have taken some nerve to repel and do that work - many thanks to those who rehabbed the trail.
The creek war running a little high and there were waterfalls all along the trail, mostly on the opposite side of the canyon. The evidence of the burns and slides is very visible but so are the trees that weren't seriously burned and the grass and shrubs regrowth. It was like an emerald carpet at a number of places.
We made it up to Upper Punchbowl Falls and had lunch then trekked up to High Bridge which was so beautiful from every angle we viewed it including the verdant green walls.
Our photographer had a camera malfunction so attached are a few of my cellphone photos, just doesn't do justice to the beauty we saw

Re: Eagle Creek 4.24.22

Posted: May 2nd, 2022, 7:18 am
by bobcat
Driving by, I've noticed how the Tooth Rock Trailhead seems busier than usual since the exit closure. You caught one of the finest days in our very wet April!

Re: Eagle Creek 4.24.22

Posted: May 4th, 2022, 8:43 am
by BaileyBoy
You are so right about the day we caught Bobcat, couldn't have been any nicer and the smiles we met testify to that. I'd forgotten how beautiful that walk was in spring.