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Siouxon Creek

Posted: October 4th, 2021, 10:14 am
by Sugar Pine
Hiked the Siouxon Creek trail yesterday from the road closure to the second junction with Horseshoe Ridge, just past Wildcat Falls.

The road is gated at the junction of 57 and 5701 and requires walking the 5701 road 0.7 miles to the
West Siouxon TH (I think this is signed the Upper Siouxon TH, but the field guide shows the Upper Siouxon TH elsewhere). I don't understand why the road is not open to the west trailhead as the road appears to be in good condition and outside the burn area.

There was no evidence of the burn until we hit 3.5 miles from our car. The burn starts at a large drainage. This also seems to be the worst section of the burnt forest, not much left.
Lush Forest.JPG
Forest close to trailhead
Transition to Burn.JPG
Start of burn
There are nice new bridges.
After about another mile the trail passes back into the unburned forest. From there the trail passes in and out of burned sections.
We passed by a number of backpackers. Some of the camps appeared open and already have trash in the camp rings (Mountain House dehydrated food packs just don't burn well). A couple of campsites had signs indicating "no camping".
No Camping.JPG
Camp west of first Horseshoe Ridge junction
Horseshoe Creek Falls.JPG
Horseshoe Creek Falls
No Camping (2).JPG
No camping sign just east of Horseshoe Creek Falls
Some camps in good condition

Sad to see the burnt forest. The opposite bank seemed in worse shape than along the trail.

Re: Siouxon Creek

Posted: October 5th, 2021, 7:17 am
by Webfoot
Thanks for the report.