Three Corner Rock from Skamania Mtn

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Three Corner Rock from Skamania Mtn

Post by Chip Down » May 14th, 2021, 8:30 pm

I've been to Skamania Mountain and Three Corner Rock many times. Today I connected them.

Arrived at a gate that I've never seen open. Decided not to take a chance, parked outside the gate. Gate was locked when I returned, so I made the right decision.

There was some logging activity, so I had to take some detours to Skamania Mtn. On the way back, I had multiple encounters with crew members who had lost their way in the labyrinth of roads, which weren't mapped well.

The roads north of Skamania were fun. Lots of variety as the road undulated through clearcuts with great views, and verdant forested stretches. I'm guessing I walked maybe 40%, with the rest on bike.

Clouds were amazing! In particular, I saw a immense cumulonimbus that looked like a twenty-scoop ice cream cone that was leaning and about to tumble.

The drive home was "fun". SR14 was closed east of Washougal, so I had to drive sloooowly in the conga line to Bridge of the Gods. The line wasn't moving at the toll booth. If they have a problem processing payments, they should wave us through.
It was a warm day, so I was pleased to see AC. Never did find any R-22 or a condenser.
Random location, no inscription.
Three Corner Rock was hiding almost all the way, until here.
TCR from the south.
Looking back at Skamania Mtn from TCR.
Pretty clouds.
More pretty clouds.

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