School Canyon- Little Badger Loop

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School Canyon- Little Badger Loop

Post by birdhiker » April 23rd, 2021, 10:35 am

Last Sunday (4/18/21) I went birding out along the Sch Cyn-Little Badger Loop. It was a hot day and great hike. Somewhere around 8 mi and a 1850 or so total elevation gain.
hike 1.JPG
The Sch Cyn trail still had a tiny bit of snow along the north slope. A stretch of about 100 yds required careful walking. Here FInn is cooling off in a small pile.
Hike 2.JPG
The rest of the trail was open with just a few logs to step over.
hike 3.JPG
Finn, listening to a Northern Pygmy-Owl I was chatting with.
hike 5.JPG
Up at the junction of Sch Cyn and Little Badger.
hike 4.JPG
My attempt at a group pose.

hike 6.JPG
Great views up into the Badger Wilderness
hike 7.JPG
Finn at the mine entrance.
hike 8.JPG
Both Joy and Finn dove into the water, long hot hike so far.
hike 9.JPG
I cut up hill about .5 miles from the Little Badger Trail Head. Any where there is a game trail or clear shot up through the trees. When you get up the hill from the creek, you see this. Just follow the contour. Any place you drop down, you are going to need to climb back up.
hike 10.JPG
The hillside back up to the School Canyon Trail
hike 11.JPG
The final dash up to the elevation of the Sch Cyn Trail. Not a bad climb, I switched back and forth a bit.

Overall a great day.

My ebird checklist for the two trails:

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Re: School Canyon- Little Badger Loop

Post by retired jerry » April 23rd, 2021, 12:16 pm

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Re: School Canyon- Little Badger Loop

Post by Charley » April 23rd, 2021, 11:14 pm

Somehow, I have missed doing this hike all these years. Maybe this spring!

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