Lewis River Trail

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Lewis River Trail

Post by drm » March 28th, 2021, 9:46 am

I usually do the LRT in the spring, but never this early before. I went last Friday/Saturday and camped about 7.5 miles in from the Curly Creek trailhead. I usually wait for a warmer spell. But there are so few backpackable trails melted out yet. I'm kind of burned out on the Deschutes from too many visits and I thought Herman Ck would just be swamped. The Lewis River area was chilly, the sun didn't show itself until half way out on day 2. There were just a couple tiny patches of snow as far as I went.

More pictures than typical for me here. That's because I got a new phone, an LG K92 G5. It's considered a mid-priced phone. So I wanted to try it out more.

I'm not sure if the road is open to Lower Falls yet. I drove part of it just to see but got to that two track-in-the-snow condition, where potentially you have to back out a long way, and wasn't in the mood for that. And who knows what condition the Crab Creek slide is in. It probably needs work after the winter.
3 feet of snow at Old Man Pass, but the road is fine
Same along the road after the pass
Curly Creek Falls is truly unique, with it's double rock bridge
Another falls just down the trail from Curly, not sure of it's name
A calm part of the Lewis River. Water levels will get higher when we get a warm spell
The newest generation of the Bolt Shelter
What we go to the Lewis River for
And more of it
Sometimes they don't cut it all out
This bridge used to be exciting, looking over the edge of a falls. But this is a mtn biking trail too, so probably better to go around. This bridge was not old either, built less than a decade ago.
Chilly camp, barely got over 40
Looking down from camp view point

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Re: Lewis River Trail

Post by AlpenGlowHiker » March 29th, 2021, 6:38 am

This is timely, thank you! Heading out there at the end of April.

If you went downstream from Curly Cr Falls, then it is probably Miller Cr Falls.
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