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Fern Rock Falls and Bates Creek Road

Posted: February 13th, 2021, 12:40 am
by Solofemalehiker35
Visited Monday 2/8/2021, no one else here when I arrived. Large dirt parking pull out on the side of highway 6 eastbound. No bathrooms handicap accessible if you stay in your car. Great for small children. Beautiful small falls that run year round. There is a short trail that goes near the base of the falls and looks like there are sketchy trails that could go to the top of the falls. Afterwards I hiked Bates Creek Road, in the same lot as the falls. There is free 14 day limit camping on Bates Creek Road. The road is steep and gravel, but the road is in good condition, the campsites I saw all had beautiful views of the surrounding area. Most campsites are littered with shooting materials and trash. Great for small children, not handicap accessible, no trash on site, no bathrooms here. Beautiful scenery on this road. 2.30 miles w/676ft elevation gain.