Rooster Rock Wagon Trail

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Rooster Rock Wagon Trail

Post by Solofemalehiker35 » February 10th, 2021, 4:04 am

Rooster Rock Wagon trail to Mirror Lake and Palisade Falls
Palisade Falls
via Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint. Solo Tuesday 2/9/2021.

TH Information; parking enough for 35+ vehicles, lot and road in is paved. Easily visible from the old Columbia River Highway. There is no fee to park here. Informational kiosks dot the walkways. Beautiful views from the forum. The trail starts beyond the white gate, make sure you have a map of the area as I noticed several less traveled side trails. There are two handicap spots next to the Columbia viewpoint, would not recommend this trail for handicap, but the viewpoint is handicap accessible and paved. Would recommend for young children as long as there is no mud, ice, or snow on the trail (also be aware there are some steep, narrow, drop off areas). There are no bathrooms at this TH. Multiple bike parking available as well as a water fountain (not sure if it is working due to Covid-19). This viewpoint is not gated. Open from 6am to 9pm.

4.07 miles w/815ft elevation gain. Started at 5:30am no other vehicles in the lot, temp was 31 degrees, but with wind chill 🥶, it felt more like 21 degrees. I would call this one on the easy side of moderate. Trail starts off wide and turns very narrow. With the recent rain the trail was very muddy and slick! There were multiple stream crossings. The descent and ascent are very gradual and the colors in the forrest this time of year are very vibrant 😍🤩. Beautiful views! Love how most of the time, this time of year you can see the trail for a ways in spots. Saw and heard beautiful birds, but no other big game.
Only saw 2 other female hikers on trail close to TH at 9:45am, they socially distanced and one wore a mask. When I got back to the forum, there were 4 other vehicles in the lot at 9:08am.

Remember to pack it in pack it out, leave no trace and leave the trails better than you found them, I picked up as much as I could from the trail; including covid-19 mask 🤢, broken glass, TP and alcoholic cans.

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