Jean Lake 10/3-10/4

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Jean Lake 10/3-10/4

Post by christabrews » October 28th, 2020, 3:16 pm

For (probably) our last fishing trip of the season, we went hiked down to Jean Lake and camped there. We had the place to ourselves for most of the day on Saturday. I noticed there are some logs sunk into the ground near the lake, not far from the inlet. I did not see these the last time we were here because there were people camped in this spot. Was there once a cabin or ranger camp at this lake? Or are these just for erosion control?
We also discovered this memorial to someone's best friend:
IMG_20201003_111320 (1).jpg
Fishing was pretty good. We both caught several brookies, but none that were particularly big, at best 8-10". Around 5pm, some guys on bikes arrived. I know they saw us, because we were out in the middle of the lake with our float tubes when they showed up, but that did not stop them all from getting totally naked and jumping in the lake. Otherwise, they were polite people to share the lake with, and did not cause any problems.

View from our campsite

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