Vista/Barrett -- Wintry conditions, 10/24/2020

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Vista/Barrett -- Wintry conditions, 10/24/2020

Post by smithsummit » October 25th, 2020, 8:49 am


Vista Ridge parking Lot:

Vista/Old Vista junction:

Part way up to the Timberline Trail:

Timberline/Barrett Spur junction:

Heading up Barrett Spur:

The drive out:

On Barrett Spur, just below the junction with the trail up from Dollar Lake, I turned around. Wind was constant at 25+, my hands were starting to go cold, my tracks were starting to drift in, and I was accumulating eyebrow-cicles. :) Didn't check temperature, but well under freezing. Timberline Trail and below was fairly cold, but not nearly as much wind. Plenty of downed timber, but nothing I couldn't walk around or step over. Water running on several hundred yards of trail. Turning early meant driving back over Lolo Pass with good light.

Happy Hiking,

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Re: Vista/Barrett -- Wintry conditions

Post by Chip Down » October 25th, 2020, 10:58 am

When was this? I suppose Saturday.

I was surprised at your pics. Friday was damp, but warmer than Thurs. It must have cooled off more than I expected overnight.

A couple years ago I headed up Barrett on a brutal cold windy November day and found it shockingly warm on top. Maybe you should have continued ;) . Kidding, of course. I just got lucky.

BTW, I hate hikes this time of year that require a drive over a pass to return home. It kinda weighs on me all day, worrying about that drive. A west side TH feels safer.

Oh, it just dawned on me, didn't really make an impact before: weird TH pic. I'm very surprised at the number and type of vehicles. Looks like you took a summer pic and photoshopped the snow in (or, more reasonably, took a pic from your day and photoshopped the cars in).

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Re: Vista/Barrett -- Wintry conditions, 10/24/2020

Post by smithsummit » October 25th, 2020, 3:27 pm

HI Chip Down,

It was Saturday (edited title to reflect). Cars... I passed a couple, and a party of 3 on the way up, and another guy and his dog on the way down. The party of three met up at the trailhead.

The drive back over Lolo Pass was easy apart from the impressively large potholes. Snow didn't extend much below 4,000 feet. Between hunters and people out after fruit, there was a decent amount of traffic.



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