Badger Creek Hike

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Badger Creek Hike

Post by birdhiker » October 18th, 2020, 9:28 am

I did a birding hike up Badger Creek yesterday. Thought I would remind everyone how beautiful that ravine is this time of year.

Just as an FYI, the drive down FR 48 to Rock Creek is fine, there is a detour up to the Bonney Meadows Rd and back down to avoid the fire area. Fortunately the FS mowed the shrubs back from this road so it is an easy detour where there are multiple areas for cars to pass.

Two cars parked at the TH blocked the parking area for other cars, come on folks. So I parked across the road. I bird and explore most of the time, so I only can make it up to Pine Ck before I need to turn back, still a tad under 11 mi is a nice hike.

Stream view

Tug-of-war with stick


Finn checking out the old dam






Going up the trail, Finn flushed a cougar up the hill, I just saw a flash as it jumped off trail and vanished around a corner.


Only a few logs to cross, here Joy is taking the easy path.


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