Little Badger Creek backpack with kids

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Little Badger Creek backpack with kids

Post by jortina » October 16th, 2020, 11:08 am

We took the Little Badger Creek trail to Kinzel Cabin for a 2 night backpacking trip last weekend. 4 adults, 4 kids ages 6-9. The trail to Kinzel Cabin is nice--flat along the creek for a while, then gently climbing to meet the creek again at the cabin. There was one downed tree we had to climb over a bit. There are 2 large camping areas around .5 miles in near the creek. The camping area at the cabin is nice and large. Just up the trail you can venture in to the mine Kinzel dug out. On day 2 we day hiked to the top of the hill to Helispot 22 and the intersection with the school canyon trail. It is a very steep difficult trail but we all made it! Helispot 22 has a large camping area with a great view but is very exposed to wind. The spring nearby still had ample water in it. There is another large camping area near, but not next to, the spring that is more sheltered from the wind.
It rained on us but mostly just overnight. Didn't see another soul until we met someone dayhiking about a mile from the trailhead. Saw 2 hawks and some adorable chipmunks that definitely seemed used to humans in the campsite.
Fall color at the campsite
Pretty Little Badger Creek
Any fans of the series "Dark"?
The campsite near the spring
Cool rocks near the helispot
The campsite at the cabin
Old items inside the cabin

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Re: Little Badger Creek backpack with kids

Post by wnshall » October 17th, 2020, 9:49 pm

Love that area for trips with the kids! Great job getting them out into the wilderness. The hike up School Canyon trail to the helispot is another nice one when they're a little older. I've camped there a few times and didn't feel too exposed.

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