Paradise Park -- High Viewpoint

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Paradise Park -- High Viewpoint

Post by smithsummit » September 8th, 2020, 4:51 pm


Yesterday (Monday, 9/7/20) I left Timberline Lodge ~5am, headed for the viewpoint above Paradise Park. My second goal was to meet up at the north end of the Paradise Park loop with friends who were completing the Timberline Trail.

Looking south toward Mt. Jefferson from early on the Paradise Park Loop:
1_looking south.jpg

Further up the initial Paradise Park Loop climb:

Junction of the Paradise Park Loop, the Paradise Park Trail, and the trail up to the viewpoint:

Part way up the viewpoint climb. The trail extends to 7200 feet (1500 ft. climb from the junction) but there are several nice places to stop/call it good along the way:

Looking south from further up the climb:

Still going up:

Looking southwest from the high point at 7200 feet. There were no people closer to me than those camping in the trees 1500 feet below in the the Park.

End of the trail and the upper mountain. Spectacular is the best word I have for this spot on the mountain; wish I had better words for describing the amazing position and incredible presence of the ice jumble and tottering pile of choss above.

One more view (west) from high up:

Sun rising over neighboring ridges:

Heading into Paradise Park proper. The air is still very clear. About 90 minutes after this photo smoke started flowing in from the south. By the time I met up with my friends, hike back through Paradise Park, and back to Timberline Lodge... smoke was thick, the Timberline Trail was closed heading towards Meadows (taped off and FS employee there to warn people), and winds were easily gusting to 30mph.

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Re: Paradise Park -- High Viewpoint

Post by Chip Down » September 8th, 2020, 7:34 pm

Nice spot. Interesting how the heavily-mantled terminus of Zigzag Glacier seems to be so consistent through the years (going by memory, not a comparison of pics).

Kudos on the 5am start. Beat the summer heat, and the views are just better when the sun is low. Really brings out the relief, instead of everything being washed in uniform illumination.

Regarding smoke: I was planning a hike Tuesday, but reconsidered that when I looked at the Timberline cams Monday. Another reason your early start worked out well.

Did you descend to PP on the same route? There are lots of fun alternates, especially if your destination is the north part of PP.

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Re: Paradise Park -- High Viewpoint

Post by smithsummit » September 9th, 2020, 6:16 am

I went down the up route. Cross-country options to the northern park looked like a lot of fun, but I was hiking solo and the travel plan I left with my contact only had the trails on it.

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