Nestor Peak, WA

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Nestor Peak, WA

Post by Solofemalehiker35 » September 6th, 2020, 10:55 pm

Sunrise through the doorway
Hiked to the old Lookout on Nestor Peak via Buck Creek Trailhead#1 Tuesday 9/1/2020. The trail to the Lookout is across the road from the TH. There are no bathrooms at the TH. Parking is enough for maybe 5 cars and is a pull out area. I arrived at the TH at 2:57am (First car). Hiked up via Buck Creek Trail, the trail is mostly steep in places and the dirt is slippery, would not recommend for handicap or young children (the road would be a better option for young children). The road can also be slippery and steep. This trail is mainly used by Mountain bikers although I saw none on trail as I left by 8:30am. I took roads on the way down to make a loop. The old building at the top was more than I was expecting. It's a concrete 2 room building with no roof. The doors and windows are long gone. Went up to watch the sunrise and was rewarded with a beautiful moonset before. There are a fair amount of trees on the east side of the summit. Not as many trees to the west.
There was a small break in the trees to see the sunrise. There is no longer a lookout on Nestor Peak, but there used to be one here.
Finished the trail at 8:30am saw a trail runner and her dog right before finishing. One other car in the pull out. While getting ready to leave, I saw two bikers and their dog.
Road in is rough at times washboard gravel about 3 miles or so and curvy. Make sure you download a map of the area, the trail markers are all for Buck Creek. Hiking via the road (4.06miles) or Buck Creek (4 miles one way). 8.06 miles w/ 1736ft elevation gain.
Bugs at the top, after the sunrise were an annoyance, mostly bees.
Remember pack it in pack it out, leave no trace, leave the trails better than you found them.
Not the original lookout, but probably where the original used to be.
Views of Mt. Hood.
Views of Mt. Adams.
Views of Hood River and White Salmon.
Moon set.
Moon set.
Buck Creek Trailhead #1, best access to Nestor Peak. 4x4 could drive to the top, but in the winter it might be really muddy and steep.
Buck Creek access point.
The back of the building on top of Nestor.

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Re: Nestor Peak, WA

Post by Webfoot » September 7th, 2020, 12:48 pm

Solofemalehiker35 wrote:
September 6th, 2020, 10:55 pm
I arrived at the TH at 2:57am (First car).
You don't say. :lol:

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