Indian Heaven - Lake Sahallee Tyee

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Indian Heaven - Lake Sahallee Tyee

Post by drm » September 1st, 2020, 8:51 am

I backpacked up from Crest Camp Sunday for an overnighter at this lake, which is immediately north of Blue Lake. It is part of the designated camping area that surrounds Blue Lake and there is only one designated site here, so I was lucky to get it, especially since most backpackers come in from Thomas Lake, which is about half the hike I did. Weather was sunny and cool on Sunday, trails very dusty, and weather moved in overnight, as forecast. But at least Sahallee Tyee is not the wind tunnel that Blue Lake can be (and was on Monday morning), and the trails were damp for the hike out on Monday.

Seen during trip:
Mosquitoes: 0
Berries: uncountable (I thought I had a siting of the rare wild cascadia black plums, but they were just f'ing humungous berries).

Panorama of Lake Sahallee Tyee
my designated campsite (#8) is at left
hiked up to Rock Lake that afternoon
Blue Lake
afforementioned plums
What I awoke to on Monday

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Re: Indian Heaven - Lake Sahallee Tyee

Post by bakerc » September 1st, 2020, 9:06 am

Sounds like a great spot to spend a night. I've never been there, but have been to Indian Heaven. Fortunately, when there were no mosquitos. I've read sometimes they're horrendous. Hoping to get back up there for an overnight soon. Might check this place out. Thanks!

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